1. I love the videos my fellow Grow-mie. Keep up the great work and get them ladies to the sky. We need support one another and help GROW our Cannabis community. Much love and respect from Canada.

  2. Nice one, really good. Lo mas importante, que son las luces, no las mostraste, son 6500k – 3000k – 4000k?. Opino como Vos, las grandes marcas hacen su publicidad. La old school cultivaba con estas lámparas, y tuvieron grandes cosechas: Skunk, Kush, Haze, etc.. Tus T5 son fluorescentes o T5 leds{ que opinas el T5 en versión Led?}. Thanks.

  3. T5…. see how dull the green is…. and how thin and skinny the branches are…. swap out tho HLG led fixtures and YOULL shit at your results…. it's obvious you know how to grow, but les will make your garden so sooo soooooo much stronger thicker and more colorful and vi rant.

  4. I'm prepping me a 4x5x8..
    I was wondering if having 6ft lights running up and down in each corner would be ideal, as opposed to hanging over head..
    And can I have my lights placed too low.. Not for heat, but will the plants try and chase it below its planter if part of the light is?..
    Fantastic set up you got here! I'll be checking your channel out..

  5. Hi there bro! I got a question, could I ratchet rope 3 T5's in a big enough grow tent and as they grow raise the ratchet rope's??? To get bigger plants? one T5 on the left and one T5 on the right and one T5 on top? Get back at me please bro I need that piece of information!!! 💯💯💯

  6. T-5s. Thats what im using now big step up from what i started out with i started out with a shop light from walmart wasnt enough had to move them heavy ass plants from inside to out side all the time i got a sunblaze now with 6-4 foot t-5 light bulbs i know its not the best for flowering but it works for me just fine. Do u use the t-5s for flowering to

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