string trimmer weed eater coil test & replace

In this video we will test a coil & replace it on a string trimmer weed eater. Keep it real & clean. Fan Mail kevinrobinson6688 P.O.Box 123 Bobtown,PA …


  1. I've worked on two Echo blowers , same problem with both of them about a month apart from receiving them from different customers . Both had bad coils , new coil from Echo was $75.00 . Both customers said to chunk them , new blower was $150,00 new . These blowers were both right at four years old – same exact models .I'd never buy Echo if there parts are this high . Which all there parts aren't this high but for this particular model it was . I will not buy Echo ….

  2. May I suggest getting a digital multimeter…. If you have a Harbor Freight shop nearby, you can find one for less than $6 (with tax, even). Otherwise, you at least can find some for $123 to $20. With a meter you can check continuity from one end of cable to the other. Or you can check if the coil is intact. Or you can also see if there is a short from the coil or wire to the frame. Too bad, some insulation failures only happen at much higher voltages, like the several thousand volts that the coil can produce. But at least you get the basic and obvious problems checked before you embark on more difficult tests. By the way, sanding the magnetic poles does not do anything to the magnetic flux. There is not, and should not be any contact to the magnets — after all, you verify that there is a gap with the feeler gage!

  3. Actually no contact is made between magnets and magneto coil, The coil works on
    magnetic induction. two coils inside coil housing, the primary, few hundred turns,
    secondary a few thousand turns very fine wire. possibly a condenser reaches a given
    voltage then discharges into the primary coil.

  4. If I'm not mistook, the problem with ethanol, particularly in small engines, is that it eats RUBBER – which used to be used in gaskets and seals that predate ethanol in gas. The other problem with ethanol in gas is one that remedies itself – when hill billies think they can distill the ethanol out do drink it – gas in their stills renders the stills (and said hill-billies) inoperative.

  5. i sand down all bad spark plugs on all small engines if i cant get them started. did it to the spark plugs in my car but didn't last long as they fouled out quicker than new ones wouldve.

  6. 🤔🙋‍♂️i know i know, You know if you can't find a piece of metal to ground it to, to test it for spark. but DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. there is other ways to find out if you got spark. 😉 easiest quickest way👌👍 as you could just sit there and hold the end of the spark plug at the metal part where it sparks and then just pull on pulley and then boom👍😉😁 you would forsure know if your getting Spark or not😁. no hassles on short wires that you can't seem to reach a metal spot. but to all people that is scared of a lil zap I wouldn't recommend it. so if that's you ignore this. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  7. Hi, I see one leg ones you have to install the right way perhaps but what about 2 leg modules? Can they be installed back to front? mine is a 2 leg and may have been put on backwards, i not sure.
    So per the flywheel rotation direction, how do you check right way for 2 leg modules? and be sure of 1 legged ones too?

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