Storing Marijuana: How To Keep Weed Fresh | Weedmaps Learn

Because cannabis is organic, proper storage is important to preserve the taste, aroma, and effects. Learn how to store your weed for prolonged freshness.


  1. Funny you say it should at least last a user is way off I had agent to my local dispensary and purchased 3 different kinds of bud and the harvest date was coming up on a year and they all where over priced and tasted like the same dirt weed and my problem is if i got chips or bread that was stale from the store it would be unexpected but I over pay for old weed fuck that was supposed to be medicine dr recommended what ever they got me Money p.s Ohio dispensary

  2. You mean Thc-A after year CBN !! Thc only accures when vaped or smoked , unless you want to decarb !! Before smoking !! No need vaping i wouldnt smoke it kills 75 % of Thc and vapping or dabbing you get 75% in your lungs

  3. When I had a hit yesterday, my weed tasted pretty disgusting after I smoked it and the bitter taste lingered for a while despite having chewing gum and other foods to try and make it go away. My grinder lid wasn’t on properly, but other than that I can’t see why it tasted so bad, help?

  4. Got to correct you here, 0:14 you said "When you purchase from a dispensary it's packaged in the perfect condition". I once got a few grams from a dispensary that were packaged in the iconic Chinese food takeout boxes. So what it should say is, "When you purchase from a dispensary it SHOULD BE packaged in the perfect condition, but might not be, just looks and use some common sense."

  5. In an old toolbox on a shelf in my garage, I recently discovered a Tupperware bowl filled with about an ounce of Sour Diesel (1.2oz). Stuff I bought with my medical card 4 years ago (it's now legal in my state). I turned that old stuff into 8oz of weedbutter and used half of that (4oz) to make chewy oatmeal/raisin cookies (Mrs Fields Cookie Book). I ate one and watched a movie. 2 hrs later it hit me strong. It was the most peaceful, long lasting high I've ever felt. That 4oz of butter made 4-doz, 1oz cookies. I'm not sure if that's great advertisement for Tupperware of just dumb luck?

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