Stop watering your Cannabis Plants

You heard me. Stop watering your plants so much. That’s the reason the are not branching out and look like shit. It’s not the strain, it’s not the genetics….ITS YOU.


  1. I agree with what you are saying about watering and when to do it, however, I fail to see how over watering has anything to do with how many tops you get. That all comes down to topping and although you don't agree with it….I absolutely insist that LST is the right way to go. I have also grown some monster plants…pulling well over 3lbs dry from 5 plants in my tent using quantum board lights. The reason I got so many tops and such great growth was absolutely because of proper Low Stress Training.

  2. Spot on….This goes for coco fibre as well….to a lesser degree than soil but regardless over watering coco and soil is an epidemic…..they all know better though for sure…..thank you dude.💚✌🖖💚

  3. Completely depends on growing media, container size, and plant size. People water more so they can push more nutes to the plants. I’m talking professionals, not newbies overwatering lol

  4. Another great video. Keep them coming! I really enjoy the content and the frequent posts! The advanced video editing is totally unnecessary. I love your videos the way they are!

  5. Thank you. A thousand videos out there about how to water properly and I finally found the answer I'm looking for. Starting my 3rd week, watered today after 5 days. Soil was dry 2 inches down, figured I should water. but after watching this I feel I could have waited

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