Stomach illness stemming from marijuana use on the rise

In states where marijuana is legal, doctors are seeing increase in a violent illness that causes severe abdominal pain and vomiting. Dr. Jon LaPook reports on …


  1. I stopped smoking cannabis 12 days ago and for the last 5 days av had a crazy pain on my belly just under my ribs it feels like trapped wind it’s so uncomfortable nothing will ease the pain any one no what could help me

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  3. I had cancer and went through chemo i finished my treatment but i was still not cleared from my doctor. I started using medical marijuana 2 months later i was in complete remission.

  4. Funny. I've dealt with gastritis and cannabis always seemed to help with my pains. And it didn't make it worst either. I've had stomach problems ever since I could remember. I recently went on the Keto diet. The thing that was causing much pain were the carbs and amount of carbs I consumed. Acid reflex is nearly gone or only happens once in a great while.

  5. I’ve been smoking atleast 5 times a week for 2 years and haven’t had any stomach problems or vomiting problems, hopefully I won’t have those problems cuz I ain’t stopping

  6. Have u noticed it's only since its became legal. MMJ is helping them poison us. N this is beyond not ok. What's going on is proof that their killing us. N what's worse it's ok with the legal system. Stop adding toxins to marijuana. But really is most of society agitated? It's like saying u can't eat an apple(weed) that grows in mother nature. But it's ok for man to manipulate and genetically modify organisms and the medical effects of marijuana)their dumming weed down to grass

  7. Its actually from weed grown with toxic pesticides. Trust me I've been to the hospita over 20 times for it. Now I only buy my flower from trusted dispensaries that grow their own without any pesticides fungicides or anything like that. Yes I spend more money on my flower, but I stay out of the hospital too.

  8. this is bullsh** lol edit: Normal weed doesn’t do that to you, they had to have smoked a plant that got chemical fertilizers to make the buds bigger when it was growing (making the weed slightly toxic when consumed)

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