Should All Drugs Be Legal? A Soho Forum Debate

Except for laws prohibiting the sale of drugs to minors and driving while impaired, all laws that penalize drug production, distribution, possession, and use …


  1. After years of going to court every now and then for prescription drugs I stopped and tried to rationalize why I'm getting arrested for taking prescription drugs to relieve pain for multiple reasons. At 17 I started having kidney stones and at this time we didn't have the treatments we have now. Kidney stones are extremely painful and require strong pain meds. I suffered for 14 years with stones during this time I took lots of pain meds. I actually had doctors refusing to refill my pain meds saying that they would get in trouble for refilling pain meds and telling me to go to the emergency room. Remember this was long before the treatments we have now. Kidney removal was the normal procedure for large kidney stones. Anyway my point is this regardless of the reason for taking prescription drugs rather for pain or pleasure what gives another person the authority to make it a felony. The same category as a murderer or rapists. A felony conviction is a felony conviction don't think so. A person taking codeine cough syrup illegally is charged with a felony. A person that murders a family is charged with a felony. Both people are labeled as felons. Both people loose the same rights including voting and a possessing a firearm. But if you're caught driving a car drunk it's not a felony. Who makes the rules??? Drugs are illegal because I say so.

  2. "My body my choice" falls away if you're a harm to yourself or others. For example, prisoners on hunger strike will be force-fed. It's also technically illegal to commit suicide, even though that's your own body.

  3. Yes, why should we be punished for victimless crimes we are all adults. Let's do away with crime, dangerous concoctions of unknown street chemicals legalize tax and have safe superior quality.better quality of life.

  4. I was really excited to watch this debate. Sullum made my mind race with a new argument. I love hearing new ideas. I was also excited to hear Berenson's arguments, hoping to really empathize. I wanted to hear sincere, valid arguments on both sides.
    Berenson's understanding of his opponents positions appear to be one infuriating strawman followed by infuriating, ignorant strawman.
    Hanlon's razor is a saying that reads: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. With Berenson, there's NO chance that he hasn't been exposed to his opponents' actual arguments considering how much he has talked and written about it. He is being disingenuous at the least, while overt dishonesty appears to be the case.
    The fact that people are still out there lying and manipulating others gave me a massive kick in the ass to join the fight. I'm going to make a response video and break down everything in this video.
    I'm ready to fight!

  5. I hate the people that think only pot or including the already legal drugs should be legal especially the stoners that think so.

    It's doesn't matter that pot is safe and the other drugs aren't, it matters that YOU OWN YOUR BODY and put can put whatever into it.

    Those stoners and non-stoners that think only pot should be legal are hypocritical and selfish.

    It's like, you want to put what you want into your body without persecution? Well so to the junkies, SO LEAVE THEM ALONE!

    Different drug, same principle.

  6. the only law that forbids slow damage or suicide in any form, is the law of the slave owners where the slave is considered first and foremost the owners work force ! if you own cattle, the cows becoming suicidal goes against your interests !

  7. “Cannabis is dangerous drug”. Why is that. Who has died? I enjoy it. I used to drink heavy. I do not anymore. Cannabis is a nice change and I didn’t lose my job or anyone in my life because of smoking a little weed. Alcohol took me down because I let it. Drug use is the end result not the cause of societal dysfunction. Americans for the most part have weak coping skills. Each individual must address their own childhood trauma and parents need to provide a safe environment for children to communicate their struggles. Until parents deal with their own trauma, drug use ain’t going anywhere. Dysfunction is passed down through generations. Make it stop with yours.

  8. It doesn't really matter is alcohol or drugs are bad for people's health or not. The issue should be whether their choice to use drugs or alcohol affect you and me, either by driving or behaviors. It's not okay to take a drug that will harm others too.

  9. If we pay for addiction treatment then why not pay for their drugs. We are enabling addicts to stay sick or ill… They need to take responsibility for their own recovery, AA is free. I have been attending AA and NA for 40 years and no one has ever had to pay for my recovery or my therapy.

  10. I would love to hear Jordon Peterson talk on this subject. The War on Drugs didn't work so today we have a WAR on Treatment. It's insane to be defending the use of any drug such as alcohol or marijuana. It's insane to defend people who want to destroy their minds and body.

  11. We are trying to stop the symptom instead of working on the problem. It's an inside job and people today have low self-worth and a history of childhood abuse. We need therapy not just drug treatment available for addicts and alcoholics. I have been sober for over 40 years and have a private practice working with youth cannabis users. They all have childhood abuse issues and low self-worth issues. When they work on the inside their outside world becomes healthier.
    In my substance abuse private practice Alex Berenson's book is given to every parent. Alex is the best person to talk about this topic. I totally agree with him.

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