Shona Banda | Crohn's Diease Cured With Use Of Cannabis Oil

Shona Banda, survivor of Crohn’s disease and author of ‘Live Free or Die’ ,available at , talks about what she has gone through in …


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  2. Ik maak THC en CBD olie zelf, volgens de Simpson methode. Dat doe ik al, sinds de kanker van mijn oma. Het bleek toen erg lastig, aan THC olie te komen of tegen absurde prijzen. De overheid zou het daarom meer toegankelijk moeten maken…
    Zelf gebruik ik het ook voor mijn slaapproblemen en mijn partner voor de spierziekte. Het helpt echt goed.
    Mocht u ook niet aan de THC of CBD olie kunnen komen, kunt u altijd mailen: . wellicht dat ik u kan helpen ermee

  3. The only thing that worked for my ulcerative colitis after years of pain and suffering and a cocktail of medications.. my doctors told me I was a liar and the medical community doesnt support or believe in it… I use low thc high cbd capsules I make my self.. LIFE CHANGING…

  4. I've had Crohn's for over 27 years (I was diagnosed when I was barely 20). It destroyed my life, I've died, twice, have had dozens of brutal surgeries, resulting in surgical removal of my rectum (YES, it hurt, it hurt like hell!!), entire colon aka large bowel, and almost all of my small bowel. I have less then 8% of my entire GI tract left, forcing me to retire early too early, leaving me in financial ruin, and surviving on long term disability. Knowing what I know now, I'm convinced, with 100% certainty, had I access to cannabis oil, I'd still have all my intestine, and would have had a successful career and all the things I so desperately wanted. Instead, I was robbed of everything I ever wanted to work for, and left a very broken, deeply depressed man, with no hope for my future. I've researched the hell out of this topic, and in over 90% of all case studies, cannabis has literally save everyone from the fate I suffered. There are no words that could describe the past 27 years, the many, many 12 hour+ surgeries, the chemotherapy and radiation (when my colon ruptured when I was 21, they cut me open and found 2 small tumours growing on the outside of my colon that they didn't even know were there). I now have 12 chronic illnesses, all directly linked as side effect of Crohn's disease and the treatments I've endured for it. I wish to god I has cannabis oil when I was first diagnosed, it could have changed my life forever, in such a wonderfully positive way. How dare any legislator deny, and imprison anyone for desperately trying to save their own ass! Bloody bastards should forced to endure having all the intestines removed and see how fast the laws would change! It's too late for me, my life, such as it is, is over, but this is a remarkable breakthrough that could literally save millions of lives (there a high suicide rate amongst us who suffer from Crohn's and Colitis). My theory?? Simple, CORRUPTION AND MONEY!!!!! The evil pharmaceutical giants have know, for over a century now, that cannabis truly is a miracle drug. It's been proven to destroy certain cancers, effectively eliminate most symptoms of all gastrointestinal disorders, as well as most neurological ones too, it's even being used to help people with dementia and/or Alzheimer's disease, with very impressive results. Thanks to social media, the word is finally getting out there of all the benefits of this wonder drug, so why are we still being labeled criminals? Because of dirty politics, plain and simple. The evil drug companies, who generate billions, and/or combined, trillions, world wide, each year, do so by charging us a small fortune for drugs that are specifically designed to keep us as sick, but alive, as long as possible, to maximize profit. If you believe for one second they actually care about you, you're in for a shock. They know pot is cheap, and way more effective then anything they can produce in a laboratory, so, they use their enormous financial influence to buy their politicians. Especially in the states (I'm in Canada, Toronto to be exact), there is no limit as to how much an individual or company can "donate" aka, bribe, to their local politicians, and if you think for one moment that a politician would say no to hundreds of millions in campaign donations in favour of saving lives, you're sadly mistaken. THATS the bottom line. We all know pot is about as harmful as booze, yet booze is perfectly legal…are you getting my drift? Until the US senate caps campaign contributions, nothing will ever change. Drug companies will continue to rob us blind, keep us sick, and politicians will live a life of luxury at the expense of our lives, nice huh?

  5. guys what strain would you use for crohn's disease ?? my friend ended up in hospital really ill and then found out he has crohn's disease ! please help me help him we have to know the strains and any other information please help

  6. Crohn's disease is a terminal disease….if you don't die from something else first. It is progressive, and over the long run never improves, even though with TNF alpha inhibitors like Remicade, etc., you can have long stages of remission. Eventually, enough of your bowel will become necrotic and you will die. Or you will just bleed out from a Crohn's flair up and die quickly. Most of us with Crohn's have constant symptoms, which most people would call in sick for, but we just tough it out and get used to it. With me, I wake up every morning with constant joint pain, and because Crohn's is ulcerative, you can't take Ibuprofen or other NSAID's. I suspect the Marijuana treatment is bullshit, but if she is going to die, why the hell not give it a try? My medical insurance is good, but if I had to pay for my Remicade and other med's out of pocket, my yearly costs would be in excess of $100,000.00. If the inevitable Obamunism of the medical system allows complete nationalization of health care, I will be a dead man in short order.

  7. I had Crohn's disease for years almost 4 years and I had two surgeries so far that shit is crazy she's right it's like you rather die and dealing with that shit but thanks to ALLAH I got much much better now after my second surgery it's took me 9 months to get out from my home just for 3 to 4 hrs max Believe it or not I did not leave my house for 3 years because i had crohns my dr put me on humira 40mg 8ml every 2 weeks xifaxan 550 mg those medicines really help me but it still cannot go out more than three hours I still have swirling problem and pain problem and now I want to try green stuff and see if you work or not I'll update

    also any how need xifaxan medicine let me know I have more then I need I don't want to throw away I like to give way to anyone who really need it and don't have insurance its $1700 for 60 tablets let me know ask your dr fist about xifaxan 550mg thanks

  8. People come on…. Crohn's disease is not a terminal illness. It is a chronic condition. People with Crohn's die three years younger than average. There are a lot of remedies for Crohn's!!!

  9. I Have said this before there is no evidence that any type of pot does not help with crohn's colitis anxiety or whatever it is called the placebo effect it is 30 to 50 % stronger then your parents pot. Also the supposed pot on crohn's or colitis or whatever is Fucken bullshit because no one ever publishes there names or the real names of the universities or colleges. Also why do these people even believe that weed is decrimilaized or  legalized have been ticketed or sent to jail/prision because there is no evidence or medical research down right also its not recognized on the Federal level. So good luck on your so called quest and really learn to get your shit truly orginized and out there your fucken dumb shit tree huggen peices of shit

  10. Shona is facing decades in prison and they took her son.   It's time to stand together and rally.   Don't let Shona get ground up in the wheels of our criminal justice system so we can wait for the next person's life to be ruined, for the next family to be torn apart.   People need to stand up with courage and stop this madness.

  11. Glad that worked for you. In addition Dr Peter Glidden, NDhas a legal cure without drugs that works also. Just look his name up in Google and call for free for another alternative cure unlike the bullshit drugs given by MD's from the drug companies that make you sick.

  12. Shonda I'm so glad you're doing well! <3 I have UC, and have been in hospital more than once, and so now I'm treating my illness with molten Indica Hasj, luckily I live in the Netherlands so I can actually go buy a stick of it at a local coffeeshop! I hope that one day this madness about this miracle plant will all be left behind us, and we as sufferers can say… Did you know that time once, when it all wasn't available as it is now! <3 

  13. I have mild crohns disease. Thankfully I have been doing well recently. When I do have it flare up so far there is nothing my doctor has prescribed that helps. I live in Vermont… Overall a pretty liberal state… We are hopefully on our way to becoming the next state to legalizing marijuana. Its legal to have 2 oz. The medical marijuana cards can only be given to 1000 ppl max. I also suffer with severe ADD/ADHD, take the strongest amount of Ritalin that can be prescribed, taken every drug for it and still have very little effect. I'm going to try to get my green card…. I smoke occasionally and it does help both issues I suffer from.

  14. On January 7, 2013 I was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, Crohn's Disease and Colon Cancer.  My doctor was nearly in tears when he told me I only had about 3 to 6 months left to live.  They started me on meds and surgeries, but their cures were worse than the diseases, so I stopped them all in May.  They had just done an Upper GI and took photos of tumors growing around the inside of my esophagus.  I started using Cannabis Oil about the first of June.  When I went back for another surgery in August they couldn't find any cancer tumors.  They did test after test and couldn't find any cancer anywhere in my body, and my Crohn's was in remission.  It's now March 31, 2014 and I'm still alive, I'm still Daddy, I'm still Grampa and I have found a whole new meaning to life.  It's not about Quantity, it's about Quality.  Even if the Cannabis Oil had not cured me, it greatly improved the Quality of my life, even when I still thought I was dying I was feeling better each day.  If you choose not to use Cannabis Oil out of ignorance, then I pity the slow and painful death you will endure, instead of living life.

  15. Crohn's disease is a terrible one,people are dying of it,This information ,can be vital to many!  I can confirm what this beautiiful lady is saying, For me,three years of burden;hospitals,collapses, continous abdominal crampsnausea,couldnt eat anything solid anymore,shitted blood,took tons of medicines,lost my hear cause of  high doses of cortisone,..and  it was getting worst..doctors started to think about operation..I cut it short: a little weed (for me a couple of tokes any few days are more than enough ) and that all is a distant memory.

  16. bitch worried about herself but what about the drug companies they need money. people need to keep taking there man made drugs because man knows so much more than god. sure you can cure yourself but how does this get drug companies money.

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