Severe Mange with Seizures! Baby Guinea Pig Rescue Mission

The Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue got a message from an employee of a Pet and Feed store in Bakersfield. A customer had dropped off a very sick guinea pig …


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  2. I have a 5-year-old guinea pig that is being treated for mange mites and is having seizures. The vet put a kitten dose of Revolution on the back of his neck a few days a go but he is still having seizures. I ordered the ivermectin horse paste from Amazon. Will it be okay to give my guinea pig the paste the same week I gave him Revolution? I have him on Metacam (Meloxicam) for pain. I am glad I found your information on mites and guinea pigs. I've been to a couple of vets in my area about my guinea pig's health but your information is better than the hundreds of dollars I've spent at the vet's offices. Thank you Saskia!

  3. I think vets are useless I am from the uk just watched a tv program a lady brought a pig in. He was having problems with his wee the vet said it was arthritis he didn't even examine him . I was so cross for the lady .

  4. I'd name him scabies or something. We named our feral cat stray. A kitten that looked like a rat, minnie mouse (we tried to make it sort of cute). I have a teddy texel guinea pig and his name is whisky.

  5. Today my guinea pig is having a seizure every few minutes. I can't take him to the vet because it's closed due to pandemic. It's been few hours now but he still cant move his body yet, he can't stand and eat. I don't know what to do. He's currently laying in the bed, next to me so i can watch over him. I tried asking my friends but they don't know anything about guinea pigs. I plan on staying awake till morning to watch over him because thats all i can do right now. Can anyone please tell me do i do with him, he's suffering for a few hours now.

  6. You would not believe how hard it is to find a rabbit vet in my area!! The closest one is in Raleigh! Around 100 miles from me. We drove Hershey over for just a check up. They didn’t do bloodwork or vaccinations. The bill was 150 dollars. They highly recommended having him neutered (I completely agree) at a cost of only 400 dollars but the office fee is included!! What the hell ! I got the bunny from a man who was really being very cruel to all his bunnies I wanted to take them all but I couldn’t. I’m very lucky that I can afford to even take him to a vet,but at those prices I couldn’t do more than one! My point with this is with prices this high average families couldn’t afford it! Not bunnies guinea pig or even hamsters!!! Do you guys know of any group or whatever program nation wide that can help with costs? There are tons of people who would love to adopt all of these different animals but the medical cost is impossible! It’s actually way way higher than for dogs or cats ! I’m sorry I should have been clear. I was talking about bunnies because that’s what I have. I meant an exotic vet that can treat bunnies, guinea pigs, and so on.

  7. This is a year later from when Scotty 1st rescued tough boy Nails with the seizures. Glad now that he has been healed and got adopted by Scotty. On that video, it showed Scotty driving to Bakersfeild and showed the California valley. It is beautiful there. Scotty is a saint for helping with all these cute guinea pigs and Saskisa is too. God bless both of them. I love guinea pigs too. I used to have Cockitiels like Scotty. Parakeets too. My birthday was on Monday May 4th 2020. My mom paid for s new cage, the Midwest for my birthday and I have the rest of supplies and I am getting another Guinea pig or pigs as soon as this Caronavirus slows down.

  8. I know he's a guinea pig and the seizures are from mange, but just fyi benedryl lowers seizure threshold in seizure disorders. I just wonder if that might have effected him. Just something to think about.

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