$SAQN / Curiosity Stream & $DYFSF / DynaCERT | Buy Now?

This took a while to make so please drop a like! let me know you thoughts and opinions on these stocks. Always do your own DD, Hope you guys enjoy!


  1. I think the future is going to be in multiple streaming subscriptions, netflix alone doesnt really cut it. I also think home schooling is going to be more popular in the coming years, I’m going to watch SAQN for long term, that could be huge.

  2. Thanks for the awesome video always. What I love the most about your videos is that you always not only talk about all the hypes around but your personal opinions against them! This really helps me think more and better for investment plans 🙂

  3. Thanks for making the DYFSF video! DYFSF is the only non-spac stocks in my portfolio. I believe they have a big potential if they play their cards right. I know that some people may call DYFSF a scam or bad management, but I feel that this company will do well in both short and long term. Just like Trevor Milton, people criticize him for everything and calls NKLA a scam, but plenty people still invest in the company. You should take JMac's offer for a live stream. I try to listen to him every week if I'm free.

  4. I am surprised to see Curiosity Stream go public. I saw some Youtuber promote it all the tome. I thought that it is just an education website.
    Be careful about DYFSF. It claimed to be a Hyliion killer. It has a market cap of 186M so who know how many shares there are. It is a penny stock.

  5. Such busy 2 months!!! SHLL being so late in SEPT is killing me. Hard to move anything into any of these in time. Great video! Thank you and please Keep em coming, very simple to follow and understand.

  6. Hi JayDeem, can you please make a video on DMS as well? Looks like it’s very undervalued. Want to know if this is a good investment for future or not. Thank you for your research on the SPACs, it’s very valuable.

  7. You want a good stock that is going to the Nasdaq Look up GMGI. Golden Matrix Group. I can't get excited on a 50 cent stock which will take 6 months to hit 2 dollars. I saw this on Saturday when JMac was talking about it.

  8. I told you about SAQN about a week ago. It was .80 then. I got in then. If the warrants reach $3-4 I'll triple my investment. I'm already up 23% already.

    By the way, It's already on Amazon Prime.

    Thanks for doing a review of it.

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