Run From The Cure. Hemp/Cannabis/Hash Oil/THC Kills Cancerous Cells. CBD Helps Seizures, ADD, ADHD,

Run From The Cure. Hemp/Cannabis/Hash Oil/THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol)/Marijuana Kills All(?) Cancerous Tumor Cells(Cancer Cure?), & Helps MS(Multiple …


  1. At 0h:32m:58s of 4h:53m:25s —> 290°Fahrenheit = 143.33°Cesius
    At 0h:45m:05s of 4h:53m:25s —> "REEFER MADNESS" – 1938 is wrong. It was made in 1936.*
    At 3h:05m:11s of 4h:53m:25s —> 7 feet = 2.1336 meters – 8 feet = 2.4384 meters _ (1 foot = 0.3048 meters).

    * Reefer Madness was made in 1936, in order to scare the politicians in the US of A, so that they would ban marijuana. As a result of the propaganda through this cinema motion picture, and several other similar cinema films, in addition to lots of racist propaganda articles in yellow tabloid newspapers, during 1935, '36, and '37, the prohibition was put in place late in 1937.

    This in order to give competition benefits to all the far inferior, dirty and poisonous (but monopolizable!) replacement raw materials, such as:
    —Petroleum oil, coal and gas for fuel, plastics, and paint that rots. Hemp seeds contain 30 % high grade oil, that are all other industrial oils superior. It contains also more plyunsturated fatty acids than any other plant oil.
    —Cotton and weed-killing herbicides.
    The cotton industry uses half of all herbicides that are produced each year; while hemp is its own weed, and doesn't need any. This instead of using clean hemp to get fashionable, durable, and insulating clothing that lasts approximately 26 times longer than clothes made of cotton. Clothes made of cotton are poisonous to use, until they are worn-, and washed out rags, while hempen clothes are poison free.
    —Concrete for housing construction, that makes people ill by living in them. While hempcrete both insulates, breathes, is water proof, and doesn't invite insects, mold or fungus of any kind. It also is far more long lasting.
    —Wood for paper that turns yellow and rot within a few hundred years, instead of high quality paper, made of rags of hempen clothes, that last as long as is needed; or for thousands of years.
    —Chemically made vitamin pills, that doesn't work. Raw hemp grass is a non-psycho active superfood, which contains all vitamins and supplements that the body needs to heal itself from any disease or ailment.
    —Pharmasutically made poisionous chemotherapy and highly addictive opoid drugs with severe side effects that kill lots of people, instead of using the non-addictive painkiller, hemp medicine that can't kill or make anyone ill.
    —Inorganic fertilizer instead of hemp; which binds the soil with its roots, and die off as a seasonal plant; as the best fertilizer there is.
    —All this, in addition to at least fifty thousand other applications.
    Hemp grows anywhere between the polar circles. But it needs high grade soil; in order to produce quality raw materials.

    During 1936, the hemp industry in USA alone, made 6 billion 1936-dollars; mostly going to the farm owners, and farm land owners, that a few families of today's filthy rich, wanted to steal the money from. Today they have succeeded, at the cost of us all.

    Since the filthy rich families; that now own 90 % of this world, and most of these hemp replacement industries, are earning their money solely on the prohibition of hemp, and use the mafia to bribe or scare any politicians in the world from legalizing it, you may now hopefully see why the prohibition of hemp is so difficult to get rid of; even if the population of a country or a nation wants it legalized and regulated all the way.

    Even if the United Nations themselves, now urge all countries to legalize and regulate all hitherto prohibited drugs, it's not done in a jiffy.


  2. Science needs to wise up and stop making health and healing complicated. The plant promotes the body to heal..period. Don't need to extract, just get the plants with the lowest THC levels…called CBD or Cannabis oil.

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