1. Why are the getting mad at David. If Roseanne Dan Jackie got high in the bathroom. Didn’t know the time of day. she saying there a 12 year old boy in this house you bring drugs. but your brought drugs. and have your son in the house. gonna see you mess up so high 🤔 really.

  2. I always thought this was hypocritical and a real wasted opportunity. It isn't as cringey as most sitcom episodes of the day that dealt with drugs, but in the end the message was "I can't believe we were stupid enough to enjoy this." It wasn't good for "the movement." These days Roseanne can be found openly smoking on numerous podcast appearances and talking about how she's always been pro-pot all her life and all that. Yet she used her opportunity to more or less say "this stuff is bad." Either way, the good guys are winning now, and it was definitely a funny episode then and now. And it did make me realize how weird it sounds to say "Deeee-Jaaaay."

    They did get the alcohol episode down pretty good though. Much more realistic compared to the Family Matters episode where Urkel accidentally gets drunk after consuming a couple sips of "spiked punch" and falls off a roof.

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  4. It's so funny how people made such a big deal about Marijuana being bad back then but now it seems like everyone is smoking weed including myself and it's not as frowned upon as it was then. Honestly I think smoking cigarettes and alcohol are worse then weed but it's legal lol.

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