1. When it rains i use a leaf blower to blow the water off! It works for me I bet that atomizer works great for your ipm applications! That dr zymes has got to be costing you a small fortune man! Fuckin blight!!

  2. Hey MMMP, I know how that weather is up north cause im originally from Buffalo N.Y. So im pretty much same weather as you get. I live in Florida now and we got a huge rain from the hurricane in the gulf of mexico. We got 4.5 inches in shit maybe 2 hrs dont even think it was two hrs. During the rainy season it rains like everyday literally everyday man.So what i was gettin at was im used to the same issues your going through with the blight and the pm and molds and bud rot. Out of the 20yrs i grew up north i can count on one hand how many times i didnt have issues plus it was different back then no help from the internet , not as many growers you get what im saying! Appreciate you helping out the growmies by bringing these issues to conversation, hopefully helping fellow growmies! Have a great day and a better tomorrow my man! Catch yall growmies on that flipside man! Peace bro! Richy Rich out!!

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