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  1. So quid pro joe and his crack head son who stole billions from ukraine, sold military secrets to China, and have done many other crimes, including hunter being charged with laundering 160 million dollars, the democrat corruption never stops!, but you know what? TALK TALK TALK, AS TRUMP ALWAYS DOES NOTHING TO STOP ANY OF THEM, AND WONT CHARGE ANY OF THEM WITH ANY CRIME! I think I may become a democrat. They are corrupt criminals, but at least they have BALLS. Unlike TRUMP who can only talk crap, and never arrest anyone. Like the incompetent BAR saying Obama will not be charged with stealing 7.6 billion from Ukraine, and not be charged for giving terrorists 1.7 billion in cash, or how they cannot seem to make 1 single arrest. If republicans do not start arresting anti american terrorists working in the US Government, then screw the coward republicans! Who cares about truth? Justice? or the American way? when you have incompetent coward republicans that cannot even seem to make 1 single arrest! COWARDS WHO LET ANARCHIST TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY, without arresting anyone!

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