1. Would rice in the bottom tin & fish in the top tin work on slow cook mode at 6-8 hours? I want to buy an instant pot but still want to do a lot of slow cooking so that I have a meal ready after work. I don’t always want everything ready instantly. I also love fish & rice but don’t see any devices that allow you to slow cook them divided & at the same time. A video on that would be awesome! I haven’t seen anybody do that yet. Am I the only one that wants to slow cook some fish & rice?… I can’t be the only one lol. I want to buy an instant pot so long as the slow cook mode is good. I also haven’t seen any slow cookers or crock pots that are divided, that aren’t meant as dip warmers which is annoying. I didn’t think it would be so hard to find the right device.

  2. I saw that you cooked the peas without the lid, but since I have stainless containers with lids that do not have a seal or a clasp, can I do the rice pot in pot anyway with those lids, or no lids or aluminum foil? Thank you.

  3. I tried cooking a ricotta custard in my IP in a covered flan pan with no silicone seal, but it only cooked around the edges. Are there any tips for what I did wrong? Cooked it 8 minutes on high and natural release.

  4. Thank you! This was great! This is the first time I saw how to use the steam function on an instant pot- all others always focused on pressure cooking. Very helpful! 🙂

  5. I recommend that you no longer encourage your viewers to purchase the Nesting stackable stainless steel containers .. I purchased them from your YouTube channel and have tried to use them in my Instant Pot and have found that you CANNNOT open them out of the pressure cooker. We have attempted to use a mallet and a wedge to pop the seal and to no avail . Still can not open . I’m Sorry to have to report this to you

  6. Would love to convert some recipes I usually bake in the oven to the pot in pot method. Already do cheesecake. Is there a general rule for amount of time based on volume. I will be using the 3qt. Should You always put the pip on the trivet? Thanks for your help. I will subscribe to your YouTube channel

  7. Thank you! This was really helpful! I just bought an Instant Pot and stainless steel inserts, but the instructions they came with were basically just "you can cook two things at once."

  8. I have a problem with rice dishes like arroz con pollo that uses long grain rice, with the rice settling to the bottom and giving me multiple burn notices. If i try pot in pot, the pressure still pushes the rice over the sides of the pot and it stickes to the sides and bottom, even in a ceramic pan. How can i prevent this please?

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