Pot debate: Using marijuana to treat PTSD and war wounds

Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder ranges from therapy to prescription drugs, but organizations like Operation Grow4Vets argue that marijuana can …


  1. the people are the research, the gov. tells us bald faced lies and we are supposed to believe it, we tell them the truth and they wont hear it, gov. is out of sync with the people that elect them, there should be no campaign contributions at all, should come from a tax payer fund and distributed equally between the candidates, no personal monies either, i think that would cause polititions to do the right thing for a change, fuck colorado, vets with ptsd cant , but every joe blow on the fuckn street can i cant stand it !

  2. As a disabled Veteran of the Iraq war and diagnosed with PTSD, I know there are millions of Veterans out there like me, who "Refuse To Use". We were brave enough to take the pain of bullets and IEDs etc. and we are brave enough to handle the breakthrough pain that we all experience. There are many avenues to control all types of pain (physical and mental). For those of us who believe in the good Lord, prayers also help a lot. I know many who have committed suicide and many who have overcome the thoughts of doing so. I pray every day for all my brothers and sisters -in-arms for God to give them the courage they need to continue to adapt and overcome their pain. Giving Veterans a joint to ease their pain will only be a temporary solution that may ultimately lead them to deadly, and more addictive killer drugs such as heroin et al. May God bless all my brothers and sisters -in-arms! 

  3. Don't our vets deserve to be treated naturally with Cannabis as opposed to manufactured pills that only further deteriorate their quality of life???…..the same life they sacrificed to keep US free.

  4. when they say there is little evidence they mean in the US. it is technically only legal to fund studies on the harm of cannabis here. there are studies in other countries. luckily, The federal government has signed off on a long-delayed study looking at marijuana as a treatment for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, a development that drug researchers are hailing as a major shift in U.S. policy.

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