Pot-Bellied Pig Needs To Get In Shape! | My Big Fat Pet Makeover (Full Episode)

Travis Brorsen must help Chipa the Chihuahua lose weight and learn to ignore food on command in order to become a therapy dog. He also helps a large family …


  1. people always get mini pigs thinking they will stay the size of the piglet but they don’t and they always say we thought we got a mini pig… well you did get a mini pig you just didn’t educate themselves on mini pigs before getting one.

  2. Hey Guys. Baby is my family’s pig. We were very young. Just to update y’all his belly doesn’t drag and he has lot some weight. He is doing good and is completely healthy. Thanks for worrying about his health. He was mad at us for a while because of the Tv show, but he has forgiven us recently.

  3. I’ve noticed that 90% of these episodes, this guy really isn’t needed but the owners lack common freaKin sense. Like, you shouldn’t need a trainer to come into your home to tell you that your animal is fat and that you need to take your animal out for walks and for exercise… and not to over feed. If you don’t already know what your pets basic necessities are then you shouldn’t of ever of gotten a pet! Period!

  4. It really is just sad that they’re taking baby’s weight as a joke if anything the kids seem like they put in more effort and you’d expect more from the adults but it’s almost even more sad sad that after gaining more weight still being heavier at the end and they’re saying baby’s healthy and like he said it’ll be a struggle for them but that really is incredibly ridiculous

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