Pol Pot – The Communist Leader of Khmer Rouge | Mini Bio | BIO

A short biography of Pol Pot, the communist leader of Khmer Rouge, who tried to rebuild Cambodia as an Agrarian society. Many civilians were systematically …


  1. Let's not forget about all the minorities he purged, he killed Buddhists, Cham muslims, Christians, Chinese, Vietnamese and many more people of different ethnic groups. He painted himself as a "communist" but was really just a sick and vicious ultra nationalistic monster who had the dream of enslaving the enitre propulation in order to create a Khmer ethnostate. The sickest thing is that western leaders such as Richard Nixon and Margaret Thatcher among with Deng Xiaoping supported Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge regime, they however opposed the Vietnamese intervention in Cambodia. Vietnam liberated the country within 17 days and stayed there for another 10 years alleviating the damage thus revealing the sickening genocide to the entire world.

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