1. Awesome note, thank you. Love the phrase of "it takes, what it takes" and the story of the line in the sand is just insane.

    It was the Stockdale paradox in this morning's Daily Stoic – now has "neutral thinking" scrawled next to it. Too much optimism as damaging as too little. Is your goal possible, no matter how improbable? Then do it what it takes. If not … then find a new goal you can sincerely commit to ( like turning up to the press conference after that play and doing so with grace and humility ).

    That father child Optimising thing made me laugh and wince. Last night, my daughter and i were playing a game of Sussed – you get a situation and you have to guess what the other person would answer. The card was "I would find it most aggravating to be …" and the options were either hungry, bored or tired. She reeled through them – "hungry – no, you'd enjoy the challenge and training that … bored, you'd think oh i could use it as a chance to meditate or make a list, tired – definitely tired, because then you wouldnt be able to do the things you want to well". She was spot on. Fair to say that she did not consider the answers in any way aspirational as just dad being odd. Exemplar / caricature … its a thin line .. sigh 😉

  2. Brian, been watching your channel for a year now. you helped me select what to read and i've grown my collection, and have my personal library now. Thank you for making videos. Love your work!

  3. Brian!! Great Big Ideas of a powerful book! Completely energized by the GOAT / G.O.A.T. exemplification!!. Thought of the shot hit by OG Anunoby last night to win game for Raptors. His post game comment: "I don't shoot to miss". He even displayed neutral thinking after he hit the shot. PNTV for the W.I.N.!!

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