1. Ok. This entire ordeal is about as illogical as a thing can be. It is NECESSARY to solder to the back of a pot. There is not one single pot on the planet, that is in a guitar cavity, that isn't soldered to aside obviously, from solderless connected electronics, such as emg active setups and the like. Manufacturers are being lazy in their production of pots made for use in musical instruments by not selling them prepared to be soldered on.

  2. This guy might be the best? Some show some really messed up sh t ramble on for way more time than is necessary. This however direct professional, as well as knowledgeable and to the point
    Great job!!

  3. Thanks, I was ready to break something last time, I just took it to tech n let him F with it. I can run million Trumpf lasers and cant solder! WTH? Lmao! Geez…kill me already!

  4. The pot keeps acting like a heat sink. I have a 60 watt iron, flux, and have sanded it. Driving me nuts because everyone makes it look easy and quick. I can perfectly solder lugs, but the pot wont get hot enough to melt solder, and i probably already damaged my pot.

  5. has anyone tried two tones for same pickup? in music production it's called the pulteq trick. you use 2 opposite, mirror like tone knobs then you obtain a dip in the frequency response. might be easy to instail a chain between two potentiometers, one of them left handed, so when one is turned up the other goes down proportionally, simultaneusly, using same principle as the vinyl rubbers.or the rubber band crossed in eight shape if using both right handed pots .

  6. I’m just learning about soldering so bare with my two questions. 1. Could I use a cut off piece from an orange drop lead to make the ground instead of a “G” string? 2. What are the repercussions of solder running down the lugs of the pot?

  7. You can get a tiny dollar store wire brush. Running over the area to be soldered is as easy as pie. The other consideration here is the silica substrate on the sandpaper can contaminate the area. The wire brush produces nothing. This works so fabulous, proper flux core solder literally absorbs into the surface. This is the same effect on the cheap Chinese pot or the shiny CTS high quality pot casing. It's a very fine small brush and it works great. Thanks for the video!

  8. Hey, i have an unrelated question, but i cant find answers anywhere. When you put the pot upside down when you sand it, you can see a little post ( left side of the pot, nearest to the camera, you can see it well) i cannot for the life of me figure out why this is there as it looks like it will make the pot crooked when you screw it iN)
    What do you do with that post? The pots im replacing are flat and dont have them…

  9. Hey man, if I wanted to make my Les Paul quieter, could I swap my 500k volume pots to 100k, or maybe even 50k? Would it make the guitar quieter or would it just effect the tone? I have a 15 watt amp and it's too loud for my bedroom so I was wondering if this could be a cheap solution instead of buying a 5watt amp. Also, are there any negatives to mini pots? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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