1. read all the negative comments, are the degree of their negativity. It's astounding. If the pro-marijuana crowd was right, they wouldn't curse so much, they wouldn't insult so much, they wouldn't say things about your private life (making assumptions about you) in a very personal and demeaning way that have absolutely no relation to marijuana at all.

    You can tell the anger in their reaction this his speech that they love weed. They have a problem letting go of it.

    I think they are wrong, and their insults prove it. Just let them have their drug, because i do think it's going that way. However, I will never be ashamed to speak that I am anti-legalization. And I would be okay if alcohol was made illegal.

    If not, then make EVERY drug legal. Let it all be legal. I would still hope people think for themselves. And I have thought…for myself too.

  2. You have no idea how much this helps people. Who are sick. Helps our boys when they come back from war. I live in Colorado were everybody smokes. News flash.. Crime rates have went down substantially since marijuana has been legal. I'll bet you have never even touched cannabis let alone smoked it. Alcohol and tobacco have been killing people for years. Cannabis has killed no one, if any thing it's helped many survive. You have no knowledge on it what so ever. All you know is THC. Do you know there is a a component in marijuana called CBD. Take a moment to look it up seriously. It balances cerebral levels takes pain away through the nervous system. People buy CBD for their kid who has numerous seizures and reduces them ten fold and your going to tell everyone that it's horrible. I work with cannabis everyday it's how I make my living. I respect that you don't smoke weed, but don't make a long video on cannabbis and how it's bad when really you don't know jack shit about it and how much it stimulates the economy. Grow up and Lear your shit before you go and run your mouth.

  3. Marijuana IS bad for society , but you can't arrest society , you can only arrest individuals who may or may not be invovled in the harmful activities associated with pot use.
    You really don't think about justice here , it's all about what is most "useful" for "society". Do you know that Black People have worse statistics against them than pot users? Should we arrest all black people then , because it is very well proven that they are harmful to "society"!?!??
    You have a very firm understanding of how cannabis is destorying good things , but you have a close to zero understanding of Law. You see , in Law , unless you commit a crime against someone , you cannot go to jail. Some laws fine you for bad behavoir , but it is generally accepted that you cannot go to jail based on assumptions of guilt!
    So the next time you visualize how the anti-pot system makes the world a better place , please also visualize how innocent people are put in jail , and how faults and crimes are attached to their blame based on nothing more that general statistics! If 90% of pot-users were murderers , does that mean that it is ok to sentance me for life for smoking a joint?
    All that marijuana laws are(unlike other drug laws that make at least SOME sense) is a utalitarian form of preventative incarceration. In other words , you sentance people for a crime YOU KNOW they are going to commit , which is not a 21st century thing to do , to say the least…

  4. (USA) My own research regarding marijuana prohibition has been an ongoing project since 1978, and just over 90% of those questioned (who were not ambivalent) stated an overwhelming preference for legalization.
    Federal policies regarding medical, recreational and agricultural Cannabis (spp.) should have been unceremoniously dismantled ages ago. (Too many people resisted, as empires have been built and are funded by criminalization. It's time to move forward…) Prohibition WILL end.

  5. The idea that legalization of marijuana would increase the availability is only half-way true. 85.8% of high school students says that it is "easy to get." The increase in availability would only affect people ages 25 and up. Knowing this, and under the assumption that teenagers are the last people who should be able to get their hands on cannabis, prohibition makes no sense at all. Illegal drug dealers don't ask for a middle schooler's ID because they only care about the money. By making it illegal, you do not allow the market (that nobody disputes is there and is going no where) to be controlled by law abiding, well-regulated businesses. Instead, cartels make huge profits off of it. Remind you of anything? The Prohibition of Alcohol? Al Capone? Anything? This presentation is a joke.

  6. anything can be addictive if you abuse it! i mean you can be addicted to food… because it tastes good… and lol alchohol and cigarettes can kill people, marijuana does not… so i dont know how you can say its more dangerous. people are just afraid of it becuase it has a long standing stigma and people dont understand that….

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