1. PLEASE do a video and research on Chemical Imbalance resulting from faulty neural pathways we unconsciously build up over time that can wreak havoc on our life and health! It seems….from my small bit of research and what I feel is a good source here on Youtube, that the only cure or way out from this chemical imbalance is by struggling along working and trying to build newer, better pathways that will overshadow, ocver up or knock out, so to speak the nasty neural pathways having been built. I have been thin but muscular, full of energy and active for 90% of my 61 years and was running two miles a day just 7 years ago….but now….if I get 10 minutes of exertion or strenuous activity or exercise I feel suddenly like I am about to collapse and die! Been to the ER many times and they always tell me everything looks good! But something is not good and very wrong! It is quite scare, these episodes to the point where I am afraid to do much of anything these days. Most Doctors seem to not know a damn thing about chemical imbalance and can only prescribe something to help you through it.

  2. It’s not fair to say Christianity subjects the use of psilocybin. I’m Orthodox Christian and I love these creatures. It was Rome and the power over the afterlife and controlling people that caused this. We are in the New Testament now and Jesus never said a word about mushrooms.

  3. god has programmed all beings , evolution doesn't exist , we have a creator . chickens are programmed to identify over 100 plants… evolution is religion . there is so proof that we evolve . def didnt come from a rock

  4. You can setup an experiment where you could correlate primal species of chimpanzees in the wild using various seroternergic compounds and measure/trace the development of neural networks and the scores on various cognitive tests. This involve behavior and controlled methodologies which could show promising research grounds for human trials.

  5. Great speech. I think stoned ape hypothesis also makes the most sense for the origin of our consciousness and expansion of our brain by size 2x around ~200.000 years ago. It is a shame that psilocybin mushrooms is illegal, since consuming it literally does no harm to the body – it isn't toxic, it does not make addictive, no one died because of a shroom overdose, infact the necessary dose to die from cannot physically be reached. Magic mushrooms have so much great and positive effects it's undescribable: you feel at one with everything, you feel fulfilled, you feel motivated, it has a sucess rate of curing depressing by 80% (as high as no other substance!), it makes you more empathic, it makes you more curious and interested in consciousness and nature and insight, it gives your life the kick necessary to achieve your goals as to what is important to you and in the process makes you a better person. compare that to alcohol – a legal drug – which is toxic, which is easy to overdose, of which hundreds of thousands of people die each year just because of stuff like car accidents, voilent acts of aggression or straight up alcohol poisoning, it makes you feel miserable the day after, it destroys your liver cells, it makes you more naive and dumb in behaviour, it causes various types of cancer and is just a toxic poison to the body which kills brain cells… HOW ON EARTH is alcohol legal but shrooms illegal?!

    Here are just a few arguments from me why I think all drugs should be legalized:

    1. Individual sovereignty: People should be free to consume any substance as long as it does no harm someone else. People must have the freedom to do what they want with their own consciousness and body, without limitation of a higher authority. After all, everyone over the age of 18 can also buy cleaning agents. There are no laws against extreme sports, although that can be very dangerous. Legalization would truly be fair and would not deprive citizens of their natural right of individual liberty.

    2. Damage potential: Many ignorant people believe that alcohol and tobacco are legal drugs because they are the least dangerous, but this is not even true. While illegal drugs like LSD, cannabis or magic mushrooms are not fatal, one in four smokers dies from the consequences of smoking. In addition, there is a study showing that alcohol is by far the most dangerous drug for society. Based on study work, David Nutt created a bar chart in 2010 and classified various drugs according to their damage potential. In the first place is alcohol, 2nd heroin, 6th tobacco, 8th cannabis, 17th MDMA, 18th LSD and 20th magic mushrooms. Every year there are more than 70,000 deaths in Germany alone from alcohol overdose, car accidents, violent acts or overestimated risks. Alcohol destroys the liver cells, is neurotoxic, causes dehydration, can increase aggressiveness – cannabis has almost the opposite effect; it makes you more relaxed, empathetic, reduces aggression and stress, and makes one more curious for mental insights. If drugs like alcohol and tobacco are legal, then all other drugs that are just as harmful and above all harmless must be legal. Many psychedelic substances are not neurotoxic, do not become physically dependent and expand consciousness. Many users describe their experience as one of the most important events in their life and can be more motivated to become a better person. Legalization would reduce unnecessary harm, spread intellectual knowledge and make society more compassionate.

    3. More consumer-friendly: Many users of illegal drugs rely on dealers, which means that they cannot always be sure that they are getting the substance they actually expect. Many drugs are cut from dealers with substances that in some cases are even more harmful than the actual drug. This is a big reason why many illegal drugs are as harmful as they are now. In their pure form, many drugs are actually not as harmful as is often assumed. Legalization would make it possible for consumers to know exactly what they expect by their purchase, which would result in fewer consumers dying from cut goods.

    4. Dissolve the black market: If legalized, the black market would dissolve almost completely. This is especially good because dangerous criminals mostly govern it. This is particularly bad in Mexico: Around 40,000 people are killed by such organizations every year, but there are also one or two stabbing events in Germany that could be prevented.

    5. Drugs as medicine: Some illegal substances, especially psychedelics, have been shown to have therapeutic and medical effects. Cannabis can help against epilepsy, Tourette and sleep disorders. Potential cannabis patients have to wait for years to get a license to legally buy cannabis. Until then, some are forced to use the black market. Drugs like LSD, magic mushrooms or MDMA can also be used very well for therapeutic purposes that help against PTSD, depression and social anxiety. Legalization could help more people for whom other medicine does not work. Sometimes the illegal substance is the only one with decent effects.

    6. Relief for the executive and judiciary: In general, the law should be there to punish bad people who have done morally incorrect things. This is clearly not the case with drug users. These mostly nice people just want to have a little fun. Many police officers and judges have to work more often on cases where illegal drug use was involved. It is a huge waste of police force to turn innocent teenagers into criminals, and thereby ruin their life. It is sometimes not the drug that ruined their life but rather the prohibition. With legalization, "victimless crimes" would no longer exist and the police would have more power and time to deal with more relevant problems such as radical groups.

    7. Tax money: Keeping the drug ban going is quite expensive. According to estimates, it is 3.8 billion euros a year in Germany alone. Most of the money, 1.9 billion euros, is wasted on the police, 1.2 billion of them on court hearings and finally 0.7 billion euros to keep the evil drug criminals behind bars. The ban is not just unfair, but legalization could tax drugs and save a lot of money. In legalizing cannabis alone, Germany would earn an estimated 1.4 billion euros in taxes. So you would have at least an additional six billion euros available based on the last two points. If VAT were added to the production goods of other currently illegal substances, the government could make more sales and have more money that could be used sensibly for infrastructure, climate protection, unemployment and more social justice.

    8. Goal is not achieved: The only reason why some people are still against legalization is because they assume that legalization would increase drug use, but this is wrong. There is no connection between drug use and ban. Despite the decriminalization of cannabis, no more is consumed in Holland than anywhere else in Europe. In Portugal, after all drugs have been decriminalized, consumption has not increased. Again, there are other countries like France, where cannabis use is very high despite the ban. Why uphold laws that do not begin to achieve what they are supposed to achieve and otherwise have only negative consequences?

    The war on consciousness is lost.

  6. I was thinking to pair micro-dosing with Lions Mane and CBD oil.
    Cacao, Shilajit and Gotu Kola should also synergize well. Especially Cacao.
    When i did a normal dose, i experienced a a kinda flush, i know mushrooms are naturally high in B-Vitamins. I also experienced the enhanced hearing, they allow you easier access to detach from ego/mind/illusions and truly relax into your core-self and as one is truly relaxed, calm and still, one resides in stillness, in presence, superconsciousness/hyperawareness.

  7. In response to Paul's request that the research community should look into the auditory enhancement aspect of psilocybin; someone I know had their first experience with these "magic mushrooms" at an outdoor String Cheese Incident concert at the University of Utah some years ago. As a faithful supporter, he had spent the day sharing the message of M.A.P.S. with students and toward evening he was lying in the grass under a pine tree enjoying the music when he noticed he could not only hear the music perfectly well, but he could also hear the conversations of other groups of folks some distance away who were sitting under their own pine trees. And he thought, okay… this is like superhuman hearing, cool! At least that's the story he told me.

  8. Hey we're all spores broooooo waaannaaannaaa eat some drugs lmfao we are a program from a scientist who wants to see everything and every possible outcome we are a bi product no souls we are code .

  9. I hope that some studies are done regarding the hearing frequencies. I have most definitely experienced changes in volumes of sound, high and low while tripping. I recall one time in particular that the base of a song was extremely loud, and I went to turn it down but my base system was completely off.

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