1. Dude i dont understand why peoples leaves start turning yellow and shit my shit is at 6 week of flower and not one fucking Yellow Leaf yet and I've been Flushing even though I don't need to.

  2. Nice Garden my friend. I follow since last year. Great garden 👌
    Speaking about pests in flower stage we used spray the plants with essential oil and in case you have but luck with the beautiful butterfly…then from my experience the best you can use is… let's don't take about that..🤗

  3. Love your videos and garden man you honestly inspired me to start doing youtube this year and been a ton of fun! Awesome work out there brotha, just got some 6ft stakes up to help hold up the colas. Hope your days is goood!!!

  4. I understand everyone has a preference but I like my plants bushy and pretty manicure on them..like homeboy here..if we get all kinds of pest on a plant like this shape imagine if your plant is too tall and doesn’t have air flow from all them leafs !! It ain’t hard to grow cheap weed!! And I know I ain’t the only one growing in my neighborhood..if they get infested then you getting infested too!! Spray your whole grow area other plants too and walls/fences

  5. Mos def about all the craziness 2020 has brought, My Bro, but your ladies are filling in very nice, most primo outdoor grow this far. A lot of the outdoor OG growers on the Tube has claimed some of their girls gone—finished, due to weather and mites. I feel yours is the last one standing. Big Ups My Bro stay safe and your family well 😎🤙🏾 #G420B

  6. Please plant as much as you possibly can bro because the world is really changing your plants looking very lovely excellent crop bro mother nature is hating on us here to in the Caribbean

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