Outdoor cannabis 2019 – harvest time

Time to harvest!!! Harvesting outdoor cannabis 2019. Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes. I do not condone anything illegal or support any illegal …


  1. Nice, just started my harvest today as well. Had a little mold myself, had to try to save the rest of things before it gets bad. Rain coming my way too.

  2. This whole amber trichrome thing is confusing… clouded means ripe and amber means "more narcotic" So many different opinions on what percentage of the trichomes should be amber. I cut down 2 of my 4 for the same reason you did. The bud rot became a worry with rain in the forecast so chop chop. I'm happy with the effect of clouded but to other readers of this, is amber better? Will be watching the hash making with interest. Done this twice with cheap amazon bubble bags and ice…not happy either time and gave it away. Giving this a dislike for the content being depressing. (knowing the dislike is good for the algorithm bro)

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