OG Kush from Seed Indoor Grow Ep.7 HARVEST TIME of LARGE COLAS under Mars Hydro TSL2000

The Final Episode of the OG Kush from seed indoor grow where we harvest the 4 plants. We experienced Light burn which turned the leafs yellow pretty fast …


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  2. Those plants look very unhealthy with the dried up yellow leaves and curling u can tell theres some definicies ..im guessing the smoke wouldve been gross but maybe the ice hash was good ?

  3. Nice grow!!! How did the flower end up smoking? Leaves looked green still no too fadded?

    Looks like you left a lot of big leaf on there too for an extract run. Did you notice a leafy taste in the end hash? Just curious because if I leave any leaf on there I get the slightest leafy taste on the back end of my toke.

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