O.penvape from Trulieve (first impressions) | Florida Medical Marijuana Reviews

I’m a medical marijuana patient in Florida and I make videos for other medical marijuana patients or anyone else who wants to learn about what products are …


    Use the timecodes below for faster viewing (or just watch the whole thing!)
    0:40 – basic info about these vape cartridges
    2:37 – percentages (%) of THC in each strain
    4:38 – things to note about the O.penvape 2.0 battery
    7:36 – effects (SO FAR – this is a first impressions video so let me try them a few more times and get back to you)
    8:23 – what do they taste like?

  2. Look into Slang World Wide. This is one of the many products they carry (they got a partnership with Trulieve), their shares are beaten to hell, it's a really good buying opportunity. Easy double up by 2020. Disclaimer, I own both Trulieve and Slang shares. Both terrific companies with so much growth potential but share price beaten to hell.

  3. I love my dab cap ! Purchased mine after watching your review on it s while back. I might check these Opens out now. Wasn’t interested that till I watched this. Trulieve should be giving you a commission?

  4. trulieve just trying to confuse its costumers into spending more money…this is the exact same product they sold in their co2 carts and they're co2 tru clear your much better off buying syringes and buying your own empty carts online its soooo much cheaper you'll save hundreds and literally the same thing. Dont let trulieve steal your money…even the sales rep told me this when I asked about them.

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