NOFAP DAY 29 / 100 | NOFAP AND WEED , Does smoking marijuana help with nofap / nopmo?

Does smoking weed benefit or hinder you on your nofap / nopmo journey? Marijuana holds huge benefits, but on the other hand it can also be a crutch for those …


  1. The important thing to keep in mind is everybody is different and has their own lifestyle. I smoke a little bit of weed once a night, but I never do it out of boredom. Being a musician, I actually find that it helps me focus and get my mind in the zone when it comes time to sit down for a lengthy practice session. On top of that, I find that it has actually given me more motivation to abstain from fapping due to the introspective thought patterns THC elicits. Just don't let it get in the way of your responsibilities, and make sure you're actually using it to do productive things instead of just sitting around playing video games.

  2. Idk….weed keeps me from fapping when im bored. BUT! When im horny, weed can make me REALLY horny 😂. So when i smoke i try not to come across anything sexual on social media. So….idk weed is my bestfriend so i dont wanna leave the homie.

  3. I think it greatly depends on the strain, the frequency and the quality weed you smoke.
    SATIVAS ( energetic) energy keeps you alert and busy ………but that full body high of INDICAS (relaxing) could lead to fapping. It's Soo smooth.
    Stay up!

  4. I think for the majority of people getting high makes you like 99% more likely to give in to urges etc. Nofap + no weed pretty much go hand in hand and provide almost the same benefits..

  5. Sup bro, I feel like it's time for me to start smoking again. I too during the past year have been on a couple long breaks during my time of getting into the nofap/ eat healthy/ exercise/ spirituality life. I'm at the point we're I feel like I'm getting a slow drip of intense dopamine every time I stop my self from fapping, over eating, and being lazy (not doing my weekly amount of exercise routines) it's literally impossible for me to fall victim to my negative thoughts on these matters as I just focus on how great I'll feel the next day if I continue my journey. That being said I feel like this new found motivation and momentum will synergiez well with the magical properties of he herb. I will only get baked after my daily routine. (Exercise/ class studies) what do you think bro ?

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