NEW Journal – Mars Hydro II 1600W – Growing CBD Therapy and Diamond Girl

Today we do an intro to my newest grow journal where we will be growing CBD Dominant and THC Dominant strains together, under a New Mars Hydro Light.


  1. Thanks for watching! For those wondering about details/specs/links on all the various equipment pointed out (light, tent, nutes, fans, humidity dome, everything…) it’s all in the video description above.

  2. Dont understand why people buy this crap lights… Much less efficiently than a ndl lamp and costs more… Totally ineffective these china lights… Mars hydro have only one good product. Rest is junk… Better buy one 3590 cob or new clu gen 4… Double the efficiency! Have energy costst than this crap

  3. definitely staying tuned and subbing. Canadian here as well, on day 20 of my 1st grow attempt, my gals are looking beautiful but I could definitely use a better light. Great video.

  4. Dude!!! I like that you've gotten rid of the shades !! I remember watching your videos years ago, now I stumble across you again and I can see your eyes!! Makes your videos alot me "intimate" for lack of a better term😂

    Keep it up bud!! Really enjoying the videos!! Alaway have!!

  5. Im all for a blurple grow but i think people would prefer a white light well showing off tbe girls cant really tell mich in regards to true colors its hard to gauge or truly enjoy the fall colours at the end.

  6. Thanks for the vid! This is my first time following on of your grow journals. If you are interested in strip builds, I've built a few and man alive do they perform exceptionally well! Cheers!

  7. Hi Lex. One thing that a lot of these grow channels could do that would help novice growers like me is is putting accurate age since germination especially when you are in the first few weeks of growth when timing for watering and light position is so important (?). I have a funny feeling my plants are growing slow (perhaps due to the light I have). Otherwise awsome channel love that you touch on all aspects of cannabis life. Looking forward to watching these ladies grow.

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