NEW 2020 INSTANT POT AIR FRYER LID | REVIEW AND DEMO Instant pot has finally released an air fryer lid attachment for our current 6 qt instant pots.


  1. Never use this lid on a MAX or Ultra model because they have a secondary temperature sensor near the top. If your particular Instant Pot has a sous vide feature then you cannot use this lid without damaging the top temperature sensor.

  2. Thats is not why the cord it short. The cord is short because it pulls a lot of current and the shorter and thicker the copper is in the cord the more current it can handle without getting hot and melting or causing a fire. Its the same reason they cover the other socket.

  3. Get a Ninja Foodie Grill it is an infinitely better product and you can grill a 4 lb chicken in it to a golden brown !! If you get the PRO version it has a temperature sensing probe and you can cook to a specified temperature in the meat !!
    $299 !!!

  4. There’s also another air fryer lid for the Instant Pot called the Mealthy CrispLid. Works great and the lid is made of glass so you can keep your eyes on what’s cooking and change settings, etc., if/as necessary. No, I’m not a Mealthy Rep just a very happy Mealthy owner who wanted to share the info that there is another alternative available that rivals this one. Happy air frying and have a great day!

  5. Love my IP Air Fryer Lid. Don’t forget to spray the inside of the basket with an oil and I always put parchment paper on the bottom of the basket too. Makes clean up so easy. Also Always Temp whatever you cooked to prevent and health issues.

  6. Wish you had taken an internal temperature reading right out of the fryer. Just curious if pressure cooking before air frying will keep the meat moist even if it is over cooked to like 190 or so.

  7. Thank you, thank you. I just got my lid tonight. I went to the Instant Pot website and the have no videos demonstrating the Air Fryer Lid and I can't find any recipes for the Air Fryer Lid [their search options stink]. I did download the manual, but I wish they had recipes. I am now following you and hope to learn even more.

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