Navi Mumbai Metro – Line 1 – CBD Belapur to pendhar metro – full route

In this we would look at the current status of Navi Mumbai Metro line 1 CBD Belapur to pendhar metro station in taloja Keep supporting me so that I can bring …


  1. This metro line will be forever under construction because of the pathetic handling and managing of the construction by CIDCO. The progress on this line is happening at a rate similar to Kolkata metro. Very slow. The line needs an organisation like DMRC to complete construction ASAP

  2. You should carry on with your vlogging. Your content is good and also keeps interacting with the audience in between, which will make a connection between you and us. Also, make a dedicated video on Navi Mumbai international airport.

  3. There are plenty of channels already covering infrastructure! Don’t worry about it! Do what you do best, and that is vlogging and showing visible progress in the Mumbai metropolitan region. That is equally important as getting information about plans. Soon, as your channel grows, you should look for better equipment for filming as well. Continue what you are doing, and all the best

  4. नवी मुंबई मेट्रो चे भूमिपूजन 2006 मध्ये झाले होते, 2019 मध्ये ट्रायल रन पण झाला तरीपण 2020 संपायला आले तरी मेट्रो सुरू होऊ शकली नाही, पुढच्या 2 आणि 3 टप्प्याचे विचारच करायला नको, 2035 उजाडेल त्या साठी

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