Myths and facts: Eggs? Cholesterol, Fish? Daily Wine? Atrial Fib? Keto danger, risk?

Why daily wine is dangerous, take the person who never drank vs drinkers of alcohol. Eggs are killers, dark fish leads to atrial fibrillation. Keto plant based ok, …


  1. Yes it is encouraging to hear of clients among those who give full effort to be coached and pay attention to the finer details are getting the best results. Age is a challenge and that is why the 5 steps must be understood and adhered to as😅 close to or beyond using the NLP and Neuro reprogramming #1 sleep #2 bioidentical hormones & herbs #3 exercise #4 plant based & detoxing herbs #5 and stem cells telomeres, mitochondria boost #6 do coaching eligibility at

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