my traumatic marijuana experience PART 1

This is a story about when I got high and had a massive panic attack. The experience stuck with me and I felt detached from myself for almost a year afterwards.


  1. Had this experience happen to me twice and it felt like both times I was about to have a heart attack. Then I went to the ER a few weeks later, and the doctor confirmed my fears by telling me that I'm susceptible to having a heart attack. I'm having a hard time trying to live now after all of that.

  2. I’ve smoked weed since I was 16 I’m 25 now but randomly about 3 years ago I had a panic attack where I thought I was having a heart attack after smoking with a buddy… I couldn’t smoke again for a at least 3 or 4 months without feeling like I was about to have another panic attack… I conquered it and now I can smoke whenever and I’m fine

  3. I feel you. I am a first time user that just went through a horrible experience. My fault completely for not educating myself. Instead of half a one like the lady at the dispensary said I decided to go with 10 edibles of 5grams each. Never again, I tripped out bad with anxiety, panic and suicidal thoughts for six hours. I kept on going in and out of reality. I could not focus and it felt like I was in a dreamlike state and could not come back to myself. At one point it felt like I was traveling through time and space. It was a mental hell for me. Took me 48hrs just to also get out of that THC haze. I am still trying to cope with the experience. I get small anxiety attacks from any feeling or thought that makes me feel I am going back to that high feeling. Never again am I messing with any THC. I have a new found respect for it.

  4. I had the WORST paranoia from hitting a bong when I was like 15, I'm 31 now and have only tried it twice since to see what would happen, nothing bad happened from a couple of puffs but didn't feel good after.

  5. I had the same experience last evening,

    First of all my mind set was not soo good so I was little bit irritated, so I planned to smoke in my car with my girlfriend, I hit two puffs I felt good, usually I been smoking weed for couple of months I tried many drugs but weed is kinda different for me each time it gives different kind of feeling for me, usually after smoking weed I feel anxious and irritated, so coming to my experience, after smoking half joint, I felt like something weird I started to see things which aren't real, I was completely disconnected from my body, I Donno because of moving car or Wat It triggered me a lot, I felt soooooo disconnected from reality I literally felt that I'm gonna die, like I'm gonna have heart attack, I was extreme scared that my heart was beating very fast and my hand was chill, my gf driving the car I had breathing difficulty with palpation when I see things around me everything was so scared, Watever I see Watever I hear everything was so disturbing, I couldn't control so I landed up in er, they put me in observation and gave some medicines for my nausea and after an hour It was settled automatically,

    When I was in the bed fuck for Christ sake I thought something happened to me I never thought that I'm gonna Come out of this.

    Please suggest me if anyone felt the same.

  6. First of all. I am sorry for my bad English. I had traumatic experiences in marijuana. When I was a teen ager me and my friends go out for a vacation and I thought it was the perfect vacation of my life but it's not. I remember we had party that night and we all drunk. One of our friend is telling stories about marijuana he said it will make us calm and it sounds therapeutic so we tried it and the effect in me is horrible I see things that was not real, I see ghosts and I am paranoid that someone will kill me and my friends and I told one of my closest friend of my thoughts but he do not believed me because he thinks that I am just drunk. Suddenly I hear voices of telling me to leave my friends and go home by myself. I hear voices telling me to keep walking or running and I did. I was lost and I was shocked because I woke up in the middle of the forest. I start panicking because all I can see is tall trees and grasses. I don't know what to do but to scream and asking for help because it was past midnight and no one hears me and I really just don't know what to do but to cry and asking for help but no one hears me. Luckily I hear sound of vehicles and it means there is a road somewhere and I might get some help. I saw a motorcycle and I told him please help me I am lost with my tears in my eye and he ask me how did I get there and I said I am drunk and I don't know what happend. He also said that I am lucky because there is no vehicle that goes in that area. He ask me where he could drop me by and I said I don't know this place because I'm just here for a vacation but I only know the street and there is a big store there and luckily he knows it and when we get there I saw my friends they are crying they hug me and said i was lost 5 hours ago and they can't find me. It was a traumatic experience for me. It's been 10 years and I always cry everytime I remember that however I always thank god because I am alive.

  7. I forgot I loaded a joint with pure kief once (the potent powder leftover at bottom of grinder) and it became so intense and psychedelic.
    Weed can be so much more powerful than we all think! After this I don't feel I need to take acid or shrooms to trip tf out!

  8. I’m having that feeling right now that’s why I watching these videos lol tryna get my mind off the panic feels like I’m fighting to be sober 🤯😂 don’t even know how I’m typing all this rn 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. I just experienced a bad trip 4 nights ago. It was my 2nd time smoking and it was a nightmare. I saw scenes in my head but I am not sure if they were memories, or I was just making them up. And the scenes were playing on reverse, on repeat. I had no control over my thoughts. I was so confused with what I was seeing. The scariest part is the feeling of uncertainty of the reality. A word would pop-up in my head and would think if that is an actual word, or just making it up. I felt paralyze as well. I couldn't open my eyes, I couldn't speak and couldn't move. I was just laying down. Also, I would see scenes in my head, see scenes of King of the Hill (sometimes hear those scenes too), the I would start feeling some parts of my body getting sensations again, and I would hear my SO talking to me and asking if I was alright. It's a frightening feeling and during that time, even thinking if it's soon gonna end is like impossible.

    It is the scariest thing that had happened to me. And when I woke-up the next morning, I felt like something changed. I felt so down, I lost motivation, there's still some time when you think of something and think first if it was real, and the worst is I lost the motivation to live. Like everything was overwhelming. Like it's alright if I just disappear. Which is so not me as I am a very positive and happy person.

    Yesterday was still bad. I still feel down and would just zone-out.

    Today is finally better. Thank goodness.

  10. I’ve experienced this 3 times now where I have these panic attacks and racing thoughts were I think about something from every perspective that I wouldn’t have imagined b4 smoking and it’s scary and I feel alone well it’s going on and it will leave and then come back to the point we’re for a good 2 min I feel fine and then next 2 I’m tripping out but the last time it happened I realized it was all in my head and it couldn’t kill me and that helped a lot I was telling my self how am I gone allow some drug to make me feel like this and I was telling myself that I’m stronger then it

  11. Took a 1000mg homemade edible then went to sleep and woke up as if I was going insane😭. Lasted a full day fs bc I had my phone with me and I kept checking the time to see when it was over.

  12. I tried weed because it looked like it would calm me down when I see it’s effects in movies and such. But it was the worst experience of my life. I hit a cart 6 times because my friend told me it wouldn’t be enough. And then it hit me. I felt numb from the hip down. It felt like I had wheels on my legs and I felt dizzy and I was panicking that my mom and dad would drug test me. Hands down the worst experience of my life.

  13. OMG I’ve been there, I was downstairs with my friend and it was not my first time smoking. I started smoking and I sit down for a minute and next thing you know I start blacking out, and I know something isn’t right because why am I blacking out, so I run upstairs to my boyfriend as I’m running everything is moving so slow, I was like wtf, I thought I was dying, the stairs were moving and I call my boyfriend like I need you cause he’s the only one that can calm me down, I get to the toilet and get in the bath and I turn the water on, because I thought cold water to my head would help, which It kinda did for a bit, that night I was seeing things the entire time, I was too scared to close my eyes cause I was seeing shit, it took 12 + hrs for it to go away fully, I hated it it felt like it was never ending. IM NOT DOING WEED EVER AGAIN.

  14. I used to smoke every day then I stopped for over a year and went to smoke again and had the biggest panic attack of my life. I felt like I was dying. I kept screaninf to my bf and his sister that I was dying and take me to the hospital. I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t even think and I could hardly even speak it was like my voice box went out. I was scared I tried everything milk, shower but nothing was helping. I was stuck in the moment and it felt like forever. I haven’t smoked since

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