1. CBD works on the endocannabinoid system in your body that regulates everything that goes on, there 113 different types in cannabis, THC and CBD are the 2 main and how CBD works is it takes the nerve endings and helps them communicate and function as they would normally. unlike pills that force production or inhibit the response of chemicals. Pills are like following a sanding truck in a snow storm, it may seem better then before but once that trucks gone it's only worse then before. CBD is like taking that snow storm and driving through it to clear sky's and open roads with nothing unnatural leading your way. You can see, feel and hear everything! 😊 Doctors will never tell you about the endocannabinoid system in the body, there's 113 receptors in the body, 113 in cannabis but only 80 total in anything else. It's the missing vitamins

  2. I take 365CBD oil for depression and anxiety. I personally take 1000MG and it works for really well for me. 365CBD are based in Belfast in Northern Ireland so it is handy for people in the UK and Ireland as well, which is good. They're also a brand that guarantees no THC (less than 0.2%) every time because every batch that goes out gets tested for THC. I've had negative affects with THC in the past where it has actually sent me into full blown panic attacks so buying from a reputable company like 365cbd has really benefited me! I'm glad to see that CBD is helping you and I hope it continues to!

  3. Been dealing with depression and anxiety, it got worse this past year. Had been on antidepressants before, unfortunately it was a negative experience which is why I was looking something more natural. I don’t want 2020 to be a redo of 2019, so today I placed my first order of the ‘full spectrum cbd’ and I’m really excited to get my life back. Thanks for making the vid!

  4. CBD use is controversial just like using alcohol. This is because it is new in some places. Sometimes people resort to this stuff because typically advertised products (i.e. Ibuprofen and Advil) have not helped them with relief.

  5. Which brand do you have dear?
    I have menopause, anxiety, depression which I had before menopause but I think became worse after menopause.
    Thanks for sharing
    I want to feel connected to myself and feel good for a change. Please God.

  6. I`ve ordered some for my mum who has just finished chemo. She has real bad dementia and is having panic attacks in the night. I will return and tell you if it helps her. I ordered it from Sensi Seed Bank in Amsterdam.

  7. So sorry about your son can't imagine what you're going through.
    I've never heard someone describe depression as well, being outside your own head. I'm excited to try cbd today. Thank you.❤️

  8. I’m so scared to take this stuff but I want to sooo bad I can not handle weed and I’m scared to try new things being that I have had a bad experience with weed someone gave me a lace blunt and I temporarily lost my mind for a few days seeing and hearing things this was years ago almost like 8 yrs so I don’t want no psychoactive effect I just want a calm and relaxing feeling

  9. I’m 13 and have been prescribed Charlottes web cbd oil. My neurologist had recommended it due to my migraines and anxiety (with an unknown depression…) I have yet to receive it in the mail. How have all of your experiences been? I’m curious to know! Anything to be aware of? Thank you

  10. I tried this for my depression and anxiety and it seems to be working even though I have used it only 2x. It does have an up lifting feeling and I feel more focused from brain fog.

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