Mrs. Growers Giant Plant Update

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  1. For some reason I haven't watched your videos in years. Life has been busy. I remember when you did your first vacation videos from Jamaica. You were my inspiration and source of knowledge concerning weed. It's truly amazing to see that you haven't changed a bit, you are still a very chill and reasonable dude that loves to share information. I have no idea how your business is going but I wish you well. Would love to travel and have a chance at smoking with you, but most importantly learning about these amazing plants. Greetings from Finland.

  2. hey remo and young blood , cont to bring in at night and put it out in am .i live in northeast and i have had probs with mold too and have found that keeping the plant dry and warm throughout late fall improves the chances of not getting plant destroyed by mold. and on that note my father and i are going to burn a nice joint, cheers !

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