1. lol hell naw man those plants are pretty damn big. i bet all the people thats talking about how big their plants would have been have probably never even grown weed or got plants anywhere as big as those.

  2. You can say I need co2 and my bud are ok but I need bigger plants so I get more yield that's what you can say. People that think they can grow weed you can't tell them how to improve but you are not one of them here is one tip in the greenhouse you need a big intake vent on one side of the greenhouse and on the other side out vent then take out half of them and let them take over in there and USA stop trimming the shit out of the plant when it's growing shade leafs help the plant grow people you slow the growth when you get there and start trimming it when it's still growing. Next few year you guys are going to see how to grow some real good weed Oz have just passed the law to grow medical marijuana we have the best stop to grow it because of the Suns position and some of the best strains in the world but a lot of them have gone but I have kept a lot of seeds and know where to get other once from. Can't wait to get them to you guys

  3. Kudos from Kaua'i! The proof is in your big chunky buds ant tall colas! I swear I can smell the dankness from this video. Very inspirational and educational video. May 2016 give you abundant trikes!

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