Medical Marijuana Flowering Wk 16 Harvest Time – Made Feminized Seeds

Flowering and extra 2 to 4 weeks caused my girls to hermi and self pollinate, but it still smells awesome, smokes smoothly, and for medicine, has a very strong …


  1. is not that, If you want big fat bud size of your hand. Then put it on a bigger pot or cut some branch off before flower….Cause that pot is too small for that plant that have crazy branch like that. That why you don't have big fat buds…

  2. Hey Grow Da Tuga Rommel. Thanks for watching my videos! I absolutely agree with you. My first ever grow was an Indica, Grand Daddy Purple. Very easy to grow and great medicine. I also agree 100% that whenever one decides on growing Hybrids or Sativa, Scrog is the way to go. Thanks again for watching and keep the faith!

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