Martins World Episode 8: Clark French founder of the United Patients Alliance (UPA)

In this episode of the Martins World Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Clark French the founder of the UPA. We get to talk about why and when Clark …


  1. Clark is an inspiration for the global movement on accessing cannabis as an essential medicine. We had the pleasure of welcoming Clark to Dublin in September 2016 for cannabis week where he premiered the documentary "GrassRoots The Cannabis Revolution" now available free on YouTube.

  2. Lhermitte's sign was eye opening, I've worked with Clark on the UPA as we promoted the #LetUsGrow part of the UPA, as I feel that we need the ability to help medicate ourselves with herbalism, so my part in this vast campaign for change, that is now happening was to promote the ability for us to grow. ergo my latest hash tag, in the hope that someone listens #GyoCannabisOrganically. Thank you for the interview, and grow well everyone. Win

  3. Another great interview. Keep up the good work.
    I'll be up in court again next Tuesday, this time with the results from several studies proving cannabis is NOT a dangerous drug. If the judge decides to take into account this new scientific evidence then he may well decide that a custodial sentence is NOT appropriate. If he decides that he has to maintain consistency with previous judgements then I'll be on Hunger Strike in Limerick Prison starting Tuesday September 22nd.

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