1. Happy this worked for you but this is not the psychotic drug that kids are using. It needs to be classified as a different drug as street marijuana is not a medicine but a poison and causes many into lifelong mental illness.

  2. Thank you for not giving up on your son!! You are one a hero! We are here to encourage you and help you in all aspects! Go Jayden! Go Jayden! You can do it!!! We all believe in you. God may you bless them both in this journey, GOD put this plant on earth FOR US!!! They know it works thats why they wont legalize it!!

  3. My son went to school with Jayden for several years. Beautiful child and great father. Gave my husband great advice on what drops we should start our son on hopefully calling his anxiety and onset of aggressive meltdowns when he hit puberty. It's so scary, stressful hand heart wrenching watching him cry from causing us physical pain while wrestling with out of control meltdowns at the same time. Help us God!!!! 😩

  4. This literally makes me want to go kill some ceo and politician lining their pockets with tons and tons of cash. How can you watch this and say that we aren't being governed by evil, and sadistic people? The state I live has already made CBD oil illegal…… along with kratom, and obviously regular marijuana. Yet you can go to the ABC store and buy 10 gallons of jack daniels and stop at the store on the way back and pick up 5 cartons of Marlboro's, and oh give me a couple of bottles of tianaa(tianeptine) while I'm at the store. It only does this to people, no biggie…..

    "A later case study of one woman admitted to the emergency room for tianeptine withdrawal found that there was a potential for psychotic symptoms during the withdrawal process. Two days prior to her admission, the woman reported feeling ill, fatigued, and nauseated; when she was admitted, she was agitated, lashing out physically, and suffering from paranoid delusions. Giving her benzodiazepines to reduce her anxiety did not help the symptoms, which got worse until she was sedated further. Once the psychosis resolved, the rest of her withdrawal symptoms reportedly cleared up by day five of the withdrawal process.

    As with opioid withdrawal, the discomfort associated with tianeptine withdrawal may lead to relapse very quickly. People who abuse opioids typically do not experience life-threatening symptoms when they withdraw, but the psychological and physical discomfort can lead to a rapid return to abusing the drugs, which can cause overdose. Similarly, tianeptine can lead respiratory depression, the main cause of harm from overdosing on opioids, so relapsing into tianeptine abuse may lead to overdose death."

    Fuck the world. Fuck the right and fuck the left….. I hope anyone that makes a profit off of this dies screaming.

  5. To Jayden's DaD, sir would you be so kind as to email me if you should ever see this post!? I have two adult children with mental dysfunctions that I treated with CBD OIL very successfully!!!! I've made it my life's mission to bring this beautiful medicine to the forefront, to the publics eye!!! If you are able to email me I'll relate to you my children's very lengthy stories!! Perhaps we could use our story's jointly!?!? I'm thinking front page of USA Today, New York Times, Newsweek, 60 minuets, The Doctors!! Hell on 4/20/2019 we could do a million marijuana marchers at the Lincoln Memorial!?!? There is still time to organize this!!! I'm willing to go to these lengths after seeing the results attained by your son and hundreds of others and after the Miraculous results attained by my own children!! Marijuana is on its way to becoming a universal medicine!!! I intend to do my share to get rid of the stigma and have the federal marijuana prohibition stuck down!!!!!!! My email, harmonysmiles109@ gmail.com anyone who would like to promote the million marijuana marchers event, email me, let's get "NORMAL" involved!!!! Let's do this!!!! there are to many people suffering dew to this prohibition!!!! ☮️ Frank

  6. Brother, I have literally sat here and cried with you!! And I am in a public library! I have a 37-year-old daughter with an undiagnosed progressive degenerative muscle disease. She gradually lost her ability to speak by the time she was 10 or 11!!! In early 2017 my daughter requested a feeding tube because she can no longer chew and swallow! Just to give an idea of the progression of the disease!! I don't have much but there isnt anything I wouldn't give to hear those same words from my daughter, I love you❤️ there is another side to my daughters disease. it is one of depression and psychosis as you can imagine. I'm sure it stems from carrying the burden of her disease and what it is doing to her! Doctors aren't sure if the physical and the emotional diseases are connected because there is still no diagnosis!! My daughter has been hospitalized for her depression and there have been numerous godforsaken medications and combinations of that have never worked!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!! And we know this because my daughter still carried ill thoughts even while being medicated!! Here is what's interesting my friend, I gave my daughter for 10 mg capsules of CBD oil, with her knowledge, and in an hour and a half my speechless daughter wrote me the following unsolicited note,"Daddy I feel very calm & @ last my raceing thoughts have ceased"!!! as her father that is so very monumental to me!! my daughter had peace in her mind! She later went on to say that it felt good to feel good in her mind again and that it felt good to be able to think!! A dozen years of godforsaken garbage drugs never helped My Daughter and CBD oil cleared her mind in an hour and a half!!! Let that sink in folks!!! For reasons I cannot go into now my daughter has had CBD oil seven times between August and Christmas day and each time her experiences were euphoric!!! she was happy!!! Good people of the world this stuff works & it works well!!! and I firmly believe it's going to become a universal medicine tell my story tell your story spread the word!!!!

  7. It is amazing to me how to this day people in politics & even church continue to condemn all medical use of marijuana despite the fact there is neither an biblical or scientific grounds for doing so, the fact parents can be prosecuted for simply trying to save the life of there child with an natural substance but instead are told to give there children unnatural & addictive chemicals that are dangerous & harmful.., I have had first hand experience in seeing the lack of sound reasoning even within an church in condemning medical marijuana by an pastor who despite the fact he had no medical training he had the audacity to tell an member to use an much more addictive & dangerous pharmaceutical drug instead.., this is foolishness & is not based upon truth nor true christain values.

  8. I'm a 65 year old woman going through klonopin withdrawals. My neurologist prescribed it for me ov5 thirty years ago for absence seizures. I was never told how dangerous the drug was and my initial dosage was 4 mg a day. After moving to California, and doctors refusing to treat me, I realized I would have to withdraw on my own. Two months out and it's the most brutal process I've been through. No one should have to go through this, I started taking Charlotte's Web prior to withdrawing and it helps. I've lost faith in the medical field – most doctors do harm.

  9. it makes me so mad to see bush talking about it's a dangerous illegal drug. opiates are A Dangerous Drug benzos are A Dangerous Drug. I can go on and on but I think you get where I'm going. we extract from so many plans to make things that are so much more dangerous. I don't understand why not THC when it is the only plant known in existence that has a variety of cures. you can grow one strand that can help for ADHD and grow another strand of the same plant that will cure anxiety and depression two totally different ends of the spectrum one plant. I said I don't understand why but in all reality anyone who pays attention knows it's because the War on Drugs is profitable and not being able to fully regulate a medicine that could actually cure rather than prolong because legalizing it will allow people to cultivate their selves. however, you would think that this new heroin crisis should supplement the deficit with the war on marijuana. Perhaps maybe that is why they are starting to Legalize It.

  10. Can anyone please get me in contact with the person who has done this and it worked with their children or anyone who has done this for a person with epilepsy. I need advice urgently please.

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