Marijuana Poisoning In Dogs – Dangerous Signs And Treatment

With the upcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada, I thought it was an important time to talk about the signs of marijuana poisoning in dogs. If your pet is …


  1. My dad made a heroic amount of butter and put the leaf after it was strained into the garden. My greyhound whiffed a bit of that and scoffed maybe two handfuls of the stuff. He has a super high metabolism already so 5 minutes later was losing control over its balance, throwing up, and losing its bladder. He was too panicked or awed to move.
    It's been about 30 hours and he's still absolutely barbecued. I'm scared he will get actual brain damage but if he doesn't he's a true pioneer. I don't think a dog has ever eaten this amount of bud before. Will keep this updated, unless I forget.

  2. Please be careful when even giving your dog CBD tincture‘s I purchased a “Papa and Barkley” tincture for my dogs anxiety I was told that it was specifically for dogs however it had THC in it and she got poisoning so always double check that it’s CBD only administering activated charcoal and water now.

  3. thanks for making this video. my dog got into my parents pot brownies once, she almost died and ran away. someone found her and my parents eventually stopped giving her marijuana when i started to cry about my dad giving her 2 pot cookies. shes a very small dog, and im so glad they stopped. though i really hope my dog doesnt eat the marijuana they are currently growing im worried about that one

  4. cbd does have thc in it just low lvls and cannabis oil saved my dying cats life and the oil had lots of thc so i bet you dont know a whole lot about what your talking about when it comes to cannabis and animals
    your answer to every pet problem is probably "call your vet"
    in my experience vets have almost no idea what to do with the health of a pet ..only good at surgeries or broken bones…kinda like human doctors

  5. Omg, thank you, my husband let our 75 lb pitty finish his breakfast. BUT!! Hubby has cancer, and used cannabutter to cook with. I was so scared. Doggy did a little flysnapping, but he's mostly just sleeping. Thank You so much. Leo Thanx you

  6. Oh and you say mention of your pet ate marijuana what if there's no reliable way to test for how much they they ate of the stuff how do you know if that's causing a problem what happen if your vet focused solely on that and that's not the problem so the dog dieds of something else something that could have been easy treated if the vet didn't solely focused on the marijuana

  7. So if there is no reliable way to test for marijuana poisoning in dogs how do you determine how many dogs have been poison even if the owner tells you the dog ate marijuana how are you sure it's the marijuana cost in the problems maybe after eating the marijuana he decided to get into antifreeze I really love to see how y'all are studying this

  8. Thanks Ken, it might not be one of the more serious poisons our dogs face but it's definitely something to be aware of, especially as the signs of poisoning can look the same as those caused by a lot of the more life threatening poisons.

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