1. Well I agree with you I have chosen to add as many medical plants to my preparations and I try everything I grow so I know what I have to help people and what smoke,oils and extracts I can weaponise if needed.

  2. It will be great for trading for other things in shtf but if your use to smoking on a daily basis you will be fine you won't get the munchies or any old wives tales of that and it is very easy to grow it really does all the work for you long as it's in the right spot and soil and light. When I hunt I smoke a j in the morning my sense are super hightend you hear ever bird every stick break and feel right with nature you should try it bud lol great vid peace and love

  3. 52 years of enjoyment; 70 years old, traveled to 42 countries, live in Illinois for half the year and San Diego the other half (I'll let you figure out which half of the year in which location) . Life is good.

  4. I knew a guy who smoked about an ounce a day. He is or was a power-lifter and weed helped with pain. My point, after smoking for an extended time, there are no more munchies and side effects didn’t show, he just smelled like weed all the time. As far as working, it never got in his way as long as he had weed but if he ran out, everything else was secondary to getting more.

  5. I live in Michigan and we just approved legal recreational cannabis, we look forward to working with our Northern neighbors in the soon future.
    I’ve spent a fair share of life anesthetized on one or more substances, 4.5 yrs ago I got off everything and use cannabis only, I suffer from a couple diseases and i medicate with it to help.

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