1. Nonsense. With cannabis i had many spiritual awakenings that changed my life. Just like psychedelics they are plant teachers for those who have trouble meditating. Cannabis is not a Drug but a Medicinal Herb. Just like Turmeric/Garlic/Dandelion/Oregano another herb. When used properly as medicine and spiritual reasons it will be very benefitial.

    SPIRITUALITY HAS NO RIGHT OR WRONGS. Everyone has their own path at the end of the day all that matters is if you were loving and kind. Everything else doesn't matter.

  2. First of all, in order to be considered a drug, it has to be mixed with chemicals. Marijuana is NOT a drug, it is an HERB. Get it right, you twat waffle! Marijuana is NOT addictive. Coffee and beer are addictive, prescription pills are addictive. Marijuana used for spiritual purposes is perfectly fine. Stop with the bullshit propaganda.

  3. i agree with him about MJ i think its a delusional drug it makes you very delusional and depressed….but heres what bothers me..what about tea and coffee..acharya shree drinks tea..but it too is a drug to a lesser extant of course..but i personally am very addicted to it and cant function without it and it influences my perception and mind a lot…it has the potential to make me mean and mad if it goes the wrong way…how is mj and alcohol bad and tea is good then?…i personally dont see the difference between a glass of wine each day or a cup of tea or a hit of mj for that matter…is all about the ceiling effect? like you cant get really drunk on tea unlike alcohol or MJ

  4. i do not agree with you in anyway because marijuana, is considered a spiritual medicine and has been used as such since 2000 BC because it is a natural psychoactive drug. Pot is considered psychoactive because it can alter one's state of consciousness. Altering one's consciousness helps them to break free of illusion and the restriction of limited perception. Cannabis may not be treated as a long terms solution to attain the higher state of consciousness!! We should the find the route to the solution by ourselves but to get into the higher level of consciousness pot maybe useful

  5. Marijuana may be bad, but it isn't addictive at all!! It is proved that weed may only cause a mental lag! it is only a misconception that weed is addictive….And Marijuana takes ur mind to the Alpha state, just like meditation!! Everyone has their own way of attaining spirituality!! Long term maybe very bad but short term has a lot of medical benifits too. It has to be legalized for at least those who need it  

  6. i think it's different for everybody. works well with me. unless i have too much. gotta know your limit and when to take a break. too much of anything is bad. but i believe he is right about not taking it for spiritual reasons. we should be able to be spiritual when we are sober. but i do admit. taking it did help me calm my very noisy mind. i used to think wayyy to much. now i feel normal and that i can process things better. and i believe God put the erb on earth to teach us. I've learned to control my anger and why to control it and I've tuned in to more positive frequency and changed my lifestyle into a more happy and positive one. 

  7. If weed was evil then I shouldn't have been able to read my bible and write down scriptures that spoke out to me, I was doing the same as of I hadn't smoked only I was more focused and more spiritually tuned in to what I was reading, we need new real spiritual leaders

  8. If someone wants to use psychedelics then let them use psychedelics.  These plants are here for a reason, and it's not a coincidence our body reacts to them is this way.  If you are looking for a real spirituality quest.  Eat some mushrooms and connect nature like you could never connect before.  Yes natural highs are real.  And yes you can achieve a lot of these things from meditation/yoga.  But son, I'll tell you right now you'll never experience something as profound as DMT trip or a mushroom trip naturally.  Marijuana if used for spirituality purposes it can really open up ones mind and cause them to connect to the higher self.  It's a tool that side by side with meditation.   I'm not sure why I see all these videos on youtube of people pushing ideas around.  Let us discover the truth. 

  9. Ok, but isn't it more diffuclt to zero in on the Self when your hallucinations (that I agree, already exist without any drug induced state) are amplified?
    Has Marijuana helped you in your personal spiritual development and understanding of your true nature? I'm sincerely interested in your response

  10. Drugs are an escape. Yet when you have severe issues they can be the break through you need. Mostly bud and Mescaline as far as I know from experience. They are not needed if you are already well. They can also mske you worse. They are just a tool. This man has good intentions but off base with my Killa Kali brethren.

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