1. Both videos leave me with several questions;

    – Measurements – what’s the ratio between beans and water? (I have a 3 cup Bialetti)

    – At what temperature do you pour the water into the pot?

    – There’s a Mocca setting on my Wilfa Svart, but in my experience I usually have to set it finer than their steps on all grinds – so will their Mocca setting be too coarse? It’s the lowest setting it has.

  2. Have you tried the Bialetti Brikka? It is a moka pot that has a little pressure valve built in. Do you think it makes better or worse coffee? Is it just a gimmick? I also use mine with an Aeropress filter between the rubber gasket and the metal screen to filter out the tiny particles, I would love to hear your thoughts on this method and if it's helping or hurting things. Thanks for the tip on not compressing the grounds while using a the Brikka, it makes it much less bitter. I'm also using boiling water to poor into the base. Thanks for the great channel!

  3. One thing that wasn't covered in the moka pot video with ChefSteps was water/coffee ratio. I have seen a couple places say 1:6 to 1:9. I also don't know if it's necessary to have the basket full but I assume it is.

  4. I had troubles with another cheap Moka pot as well. My conclusion was that the design was awful. Yes, a Moka pot can be bad designed.
    The neck of the basket was too wide and weirdly shaped on the bottom.
    I ended up buying a Bialetti of course!

  5. My sentiments exactly… Although, I wont be "PC" about it… Cheap! I purchased a Geesta glass top moka pot from Amazon back in summer of 2019 for $28.99. When I received it my thoughts were, "what a piece of %#@!" The concept was intriguing but it's going to take another country other than China to manufacture a better quality glass top moka pot. I never even bothered to brew a pot of coffee… The pot was so cheaply made it was immediately sent back. The astounding thing, it's now selling for $48.99 on Amazon? Are they out of their minds? The sad thing, I'm sure people are buying this piece of scrap metal not knowing any better. Anyway, great diplomatic review and for confirming that it should have looked cooler.
    In the meantime, thank you for your time and for flying Lufthansa Airlines…
    Fred C.

  6. What's your opinion on the brikka pot James? It's like a semi automatic moka pot. Brews a smoother more focused and stronger brew then regular moka, and has zero issues with burning the beans, despite the recommendation for cold water. I can drink it black straight away and not burn my mouth.

  7. Well put together but no drone shot…? I didn't think it looked too bad… I purchase a double wall cup for doing espresso in to just for the aesthetic! Turned out I really like drinking out of it as well!

  8. I can't find the answer anywhere so I'll ask away : Is there any downside if I directly put naked bottom casket with cold water to boil it to the point, then put it aside to assemble and put in on the stove again.

  9. Jimmy, do you not suffer from takiphalaxus? So much good caffeine and how can your adrenal glands take it? Maybe you have some recovery dietary recommendations. Three cups a day and the last one doesn't work on me.

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