Make $1000 a day in Lawn Care – Weed Control and Fertilization

The weed control and fertilization business can be a very good business to be a part of. I have found that I can generate $1000 revenue in a day spraying lawns.


  1. Average chemical cost for the largest lawn care provider in the United States is under $7. Labor and vehicle maintenance way out number this. Rhymes with new Deen. Take pride in your work and believe in yourself good video sir.

  2. Is it better to own your own equipment and pay a person on the side to perform the mowing and edging? The reason I’m asking, I started my own business. I have a separate individual with his own equipment. I don’t have equipment charges for mowing and edging. My mowing person handles those expenses. I perform all the other duties including fertilizing grass, mulching, and planting the flowers, etc. I have yearly contracts with my customers. I charge the same amount each month. However, I feel like I’m not profiting because I’m paying a huge amount to my mowing person and not charging anything additional to the customers. Basically, should I double the charges for mowing? How would you approach it? What changes would you recommend I do for my business to have a profitable business? Thank you.

  3. That’s very possible and real
    I have had times when in 2 hrs I made $400 fertilising
    But conditions in my area are very dry and people aren’t prepared to water their lawns because of cost so fertilising is very low key

  4. Hello sir I want to congratulate you, your channel is very informative. I have a question do you only spray liquid fertilizer or do you also do granular fertilizer? I my self do granular but I ve been thinking on going to liquid it seems like it takes longer to apply but the quality is better I live in NY. I know correct watering is important. I usually go through 80 bags of fert in about a week and half. I mow lawns the rest of the month. I have a 100 gallon tank which I use to spray shrubs only, I am thinking on adapting another 100 gallon to transition in to liquid fertilizing this way refilling won’t be an issue in one day. I am just afraid I won’t make it work it’s another ball game. The other problem I see is that the chem supply store only has ferromec ac as liquid fert + iron 15 0 0 6%iro 3%sulfur they dont have other water soluble fert.

  5. Do you need a "Qualified Party" License to do weed control application? I have an "Applicator" License but to do it on my own, in AZ you need to be a Qualified Party and keep records etc.

  6. So, how large is your customer base to get you to a $1000 a day profit level? Please break it down. I am looking for something to do after I retire and lawn maintenance looks like something I might consider. From a newbie's perspective – it looks like there is probably $10,000 initial investment and a lot of sweat equity for 2-3 seasons and you can get there. You have a good point – I am concerned about the 12 month solution versus the 6-7 month mowing season here in the Southern US

  7. There is a huge problem in the lawn care industry, cost to operate/overhead.

    Whats the solution?

    Get a mower reel or self propelled and a broom/blower. Only offer mowing and sweeping/blowing. Dont offer trimming, edging, bagging or weed control. With the bare minimum you can charge $30-35 a mow ad nearly eliminate cost

  8. Seems 10% profit margin is pretty average for a company operating out of a designated lication…after all is said and done, payroll (got to cover support staff too, or after 10-11 hours of production, you make you own routes, paperwork, answer calls, etc), vehicle payment, vehicle insurance, workman's comp insurance, fertilizer and pesticide products, uniforms, gas, maintenance and upkeep of vehicle/equipment. Advertising, the list goes on. Indoor pest control, much higher profit margin, maybe 20%.

  9. Some people that are afraid to step away from the false security provided by a company job will always post a negative comment. How ever I can make more in one day in lawn care than I averaged for a week as a long haul driver over 25 years I also had a construction company in the 25 year period. I could make more in one day in construction than I made in trucking in one year. But then 2007 happened. Bless you and yours.

  10. Do you think I'm able to stay in business just doing mowing and full maintenance, ?? I have 25 years experience doing this but my wife left couple years ago so her income is gone , tween my mortgage and child-support 1500 a month plus all the other bills that come along with the business and owning a house. I really can't see enough money in it maybe was 100 customers I'm not sure I've been running numbers all day trying to figure it out nine months of work I have to cover the three months downtime and start up in the spring.. is it possible

  11. I have had a landscape management business for 38 years. Started out with a borrowed lawn mower. I now run three Walker mowers, four days per week and do extra work the other two/three. The extras include planting/stonework, chemicals, irrigation and lighting. Best part… The extras are all 'under the table'. Cha ching!

  12. Awesome encouraging video content. Thanks for expounding on how full lawn care servicing businesses can be more profitable over a full 12 months of the year period when u implement other income generating services in the business that will compliment it, rather than just staying boxed into solid grass cutting /yard – lawn care income over a 7 to 8 months lawn care season of the year in non snowing regions of the world which is a disservice to hard working lawn care professionals (who can actually take the time to expand their knowledge going conferences u r offering at a cheap cheap price) to learn good extra income generating services that will carry their family wealth to the next level. Thanks bro

  13. Might be kind of a stretch, but I'm hoping to be able to make the conference. I haven't started my business yet, I've just been taking care of a couple yards on the side. I live just south of Knoxville, just moved here a couple months ago, and the business is booming here, but is it too late in the season to START a business? I know winter income is one of the things you'll be discussing at the conference, but in general, not having any experience with weed control and fertilization, is it better if I just keep my 9-5 until spring?

  14. Jason I love your videos and I'm a proud supporter of you! If I make $10 hr on a 1099 being a crew leader maxing out at 15 accounts a day am I being taken advantage of? Considering your a successful business how much profit is the owner making versus my 50+ hr paycheck on a 1099?

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