1. MADD is FINALLY lobbying politicians for more proactive measures. In 2019 the RCMP and the MOT will automatically suspend the driver's licenses of even those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction regardless of their amount of recovery time since addiction is something there is no cure for. All rehab facilities will be required to forward the names of all persons seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction to the Ministry of Transport for minimum 3 year license suspension. Those who are 12 step members like AA, NA, CA etc will also be reported and have their licenses suspended. Thank you MADD for this common sense solution.

  2. This commercial is insulting to the very people you're trying to reach. Does MADD really believe that utilizing marijuana automatically equals behaving like some brainless burnout – I was expecting a long drawn out "duuuuude" at any moment.
    Even children can see that this commercial is ridiculous; and are therefore much less likely to take the message seriously. MADD, your work is VERY important. Instead of alienating your viewers, please give them some credit and adjust your marketing accordingly.

  3. RAMD – regular folks against mother's driving – The most distracted segment all!

    Smoking a bong would be distracting but rolled up reefers would probably help alot of people – mostly the speeders who don't slowdown for wildlife for some. Smoke and don't be a psycho now

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