Looking to buy weed in Illinois? Here's where you can, starting January 1

Looking to buy weed in Illinois? So far, 14 same-site licenses have been issued to medical marijuana dispensaries already operating across the state to sell …


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  2. Weeds legal but it can't be in the wrong container oh and you can't grow it without a license oh and you can't smoke it at a friend's house oh and you can't smoke in public oh and you can't youcantyoucantyoucantyoucant. WTF was the point of legalizing it if there are so many restrictions Illinois you PIECE OF SHIT state.

  3. its now march, and you still can barely find flower for recreational purchase in Illinois including this dispensary. It fucking sucks. Then you wait for 3 hours in line to find out they are out of and you drove all the way from out of state and ur like fuck why cant they ever have enough? Its fucking bullshit man and this dispensary thinks it shit don't stink and its so great and its not. You have to schedule an appointment to wait in fucking line fuck them.

  4. Non residents are limited to limits on their purchase like 15 grams of flower. Can anyone tell me how much time must elapse before they can buy another 15 grams? Or Is there a way to prevent non residents from buying the limit at one dispensary and then buying the limit at another dispensary or in another city?

  5. What they[re not telling you is that the licenses are give out to a handful of "patronage" partner's of the governor who will certainly make $$$ with their stores. Try to get a license. It won't happen unless you're connected.

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  8. typical price of wax at the dispensry 60-90$ a gram. price at my dealer. 50$ for 2 grams of blue dream shatter. no thank you and thats not including the sales tax ill wait 6 months when they have overstock and lower prices like every other state

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