Learn These 6 Sexy, Feminine Dance Moves w/ Kayla Brenda (Easy Tutorial!) | STEEZY.CO

For this week’s video, we had sexy Heels dancer, Kayla Brenda, in the studio to teach you 6 dance moves that will help YOU get in touch with your feminine side.


  1. I started taking heels dance classes late last year and let me tell ya, getting in that head space of not feeling self conscious took a LOT but after a few tries and finding the right classes, the right clothes and the right people to learn with, it made a big difference and the confidence came in a lot more naturally. I suggest you learn with yourself before trying to take a huge leap if you're not quite ready for it, but do challenge yourself to finally let that inner goddess out.

  2. I just wanted to comment that a lot of these movements are very hip based. Moving your hips in and out of the ideal posture for a person. With that said make sure you take care of your body to avoid tons of back pain. I highly recommend gaining a strong core, back, and butt to keep safe.

    I learned the hard way. 😅

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