Key signs to tracking marijuana grow houses

Key signs investigators use to tracking marijuana grow houses. ◂ The ABC Action News app brings you the latest trusted news and information. ABC Action …


  1. Just saying here: i live in this county and them saying that they find 20 a year is laughable. There are hundreds of growhouses first and second every day there are dozens of pounds of pot being transported into the county. More than half the population smokes weed and its still illegal. And ontop of half of the population smoking none of them have died from it.

  2. All you have to do is put solar panels on your roof, run the lights from the batteries. Locate the batteries under the frost line of your backyard and run a condit into the basement to run your lights. The solar panel will also make choppers infrared cams go crazy. lol oh, and don't have 50 people walking into and out of your house all day. hahahahah

  3. 1:39
    10 grand???!

    I’ve had grow houses…
    it’s 50 bucks a month per 1000watts… that’s what they charge..
    4-5000 watts with hydro pumps and ac with proper venting and also can filters for smell… 400-500 bucks a month..

    10000 bucks a month my asshole!!!

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