1. this is pigeon holed look at marijuana, there's more to it than just "smoking up"….to put it in that narrative is misleading.
    what about Hemp, (which the USA just legalized along with CBD's)……anything made with oil based products, can be made with hemp and can do it better.
    there are cures in CBD's, cancer being one of them. ailments of all sorts can be used here.
    Big Pharma wouldn't like that very much…… and since it's been legalized, they've handled it very badly.

  2. I haven’t looked back since ‘07. It’s throughout my bible and yours. From the books 📚 of Genesis an Exodus(the cure for cancer) to Hebrews James an Revolation. I believe Jesus Christ is God.

  3. I'm 47, I want it decriminalized. I want to be able to grow my own, and smoke on my front porch without having to look over my shoulder all the time. Now I'm going to go dab, have a great day people.😊

  4. Just want to say I know a guy who has driven home high from work ever day for a couple years and not once has he ever had even a simple photo radar speeding ticket , he actually drives a lot calmer more focused and literally won’t speed, so tell me again how horrible weed is compared to alcohol?

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