Jordan Peterson asked "Do you smoke Pot?" (transcript)

Jordan Peterson is asked if he smokes marijuana and Jordan Peterson holds no bars in his response to the question about Pot. Hey I saw this clip on some one …


  1. Awesome, thanks man.
    1:20 should be: "wasn't the whole story, but — so, you know — I'm saying that I smoke, but — and I'm not saying, 'Well, maybe that means that in some sense it's a free and easy and generous [or careless] thing to do…'"

    1:40 should be: "And maybe it would be good if we were mature enough to, you know, take the advantages, and you know, be mature enough to deal with the disadvantages."

  2. im sure he uses it very recreationally. he should of clarified that because chronic idiots now think its ok to puff every 45 mins 24/7…

    if you're having a couple drinks a week, or smoking a couple js a week, neither will affect you. The demon is in excess and abuse.

  3. This honestly doesn’t sound that legit and I can’t find footage, or any official record him actually saying this. The audio is too Garguled for it to be transparently him saying these things.

  4. Everyone who watches jordan Peterson and smoke weed as a tool to look into there minds knows that he also smoke weed because when you are under the effects of the drug, we can see clearly what's wrong whit ours lives, that lead us to the situation where we are now, and the way he speaks in his videos, looks with those insight moments that we have while high. I bet a lot of his ideas came out when he was high as hell. Sorry for my bad English, there must be a lot of mistakes, and unfortunately I couldn't transcribes exactly what I meant, but to master English is an objective that I will pursuit.

  5. I’m almost a little disappointed. I can’t handle pot. I smoked pot from 14-23 and was an extremely habitual user. I’d make 250 a week at my shitty job and spend 150 on pot. I’d never have any savings. I’d live week to week. Pot was just a huge issue for me personally. I envy people that can have a normal life and use it. I couldn’t.

  6. People aplaud him, but remember that Peterson has suffered anxiety and depression badly, and he has not been stable emotionally at all throughout his life; he was still on meds while he tried to sell the meat diet his daughter promotes as the ultimate solution for that, he has lied. Pot takes you away from reality and people usually take it to escape from the pain of their anger, it's better to face reality, pot makes you dazed and confused and it's not the solution either, so if you smoke, at least don't accept the lies about all the knowledge you have about it. Cause Peterson had knowledge and that didn't prevent him from his actual suffering. Forgive your mommas and your weak beta fathers who ran off or who couldn't stand between the hell in your mothers and you, where you acquired the personality of your mothers. Peace.

  7. I thought he looked stoned when he was talking to Donald Trump Jr. ! I want to know if he would lecture while stoned, i dont think so because even by sober standards its incredible that he always does his full lectures off the top of his head. If he was high while doing it I would be another level of mind-blown on top of the mind-blown I was from listening to the lectures.

  8. Jordan is truly as honest and transparent as he possibly can be. You can really feel his genuine desire to help people and not lead them astray. His words are very thoughtful and he wants to be careful so that no one thinks anything is without its risks.

  9. Hahaha I came here to get some reprimand from a leading world's psychologist (for having weed a little bit too often) and I get this HAHAHAHAha, time to roll one.

  10. There's nothing wrong with smoking marijuana recreationally. However, if you are using it to alleviate your mind of depressing thoughts; that's when it becomes an issue. That's when you'll become dependent.

  11. Marijuana is just one more bad drug now becoming more available legally that people can choose from. Taking ANY substance in a recreational way to alter your mind, intoxicants, depressants, hallucinagins, stimulants- legal or illegal, with side effects of without- just to chase a high or feel good, is NOT a good habit or way of life and can be a gateway to other things.

    To hell with marijuana
    To hell with alcohol
    To hell with cigarettes
    To hell with legal highs
    To hell with magic mushrooms
    To hell with anti depressants
    I'm not too keen on sugar and unhealthy food, but, one step at a time.

    Be fit, take care of your mind, body and soul. Live as healthily and naturally as possible and utilize useful technology. Don't get swayed by the masses. Read. Play sports HARD. Travel when possible and keep your mind clear. Learn to love to learn. Study your craft and become a matter. Be comfortable with nature, but also be comfortable in a boardroom, courtroom, control room, design room, green room, surgical theatre or wherever your passion is. Contribute positively to your family, society, community, company. Learn to cook. Don't eat too much meat and when you do, don't take it lightly. Don't ridicule vegetarians-there is so much wisdom to their choice. Don't go to extremes in anything.
    Ponder how the heavens and earth were one and they were split asunder. Breathe. Think. Don't spend your money on highs, lows, pursuit of cheap thrills and to float on a sofa.

    It's no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society Be a person of principle.

    If you fall short of the above, like I do, try to improve… But please, don't give up and subconsciously want to see the world give up to and succumb to your urges. Don't start defending weed. Drugs are wrong.

  12. ok jordan seeing your a head i'm gonna take back all the bad things i ever said about cha. forgive me jordie. maybe there is some hasey logic in there. a drug distorted interpretation of the workings of the human mind is always a welcome view of the invisible. doin dope has sure helped me along the way to eternity. thank u have fun and take care gare

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