JOBO x DANNY – GROWING UP (Official Audio)

LYRICS [INTRO] *Ring* “Hey Daniel!” “Dude I have an idea for a song and we have to do it right now” “Oh shit! Get your ass over here dude” “Already am.



    “Hey Daniel!”
    “Dude I have an idea for a song and we have to do it right now”
    “Oh shit! Get your ass over here”
    “Already am.”

    [Verse 1 Jobo]
    Never know where I might go,
    Keeping my life in balance like I tippy toe on a tight rope
    Got me dancing like Michael
    Keep on telling me that I have talents, they gonna get me high hopes
    This the life that I chose,
    Question they ask me, I wanna answer like the fuck do I know
    They say that I’m grown,
    I say yeah right imagine, that wouldn’t happen until the day that I’m old
    Maybe they’re right though
    All the kids are shooting tik toks at home right from their iPhones
    And to say that I don’t
    Would be the least of your truths I always be in the booth at home making my songs

    My songs, good weed what I’m on
    If smoking everyday ain’t right, believe that I’m wrong,
    I’m gone, I’m gone, It would seem my minds gone
    If we’re talking blunts then I’m on my ninth one
    I’m fun when I’m drunk, bring a bong and light up
    Sing my song, sing along, don’t get my rhymes wrong
    Take your time, with your lines, you’ll get the right ones
    You’ll do fine, in your life, if you a fighter

    [Verse 2 DanO]
    Haven’t said that in a while now
    You should be proud, I even say it with a smile now
    “Chin up boy, I promise it’ll work out”
    I was just too young to understand how
    I’ll take your place
    They know your face
    I can’t replace
    The things you did to make sure I would stay up in the race
    But I can’t take
    Another rake
    To my face
    Stumbling around trying to make a home out of this place
    So I’ll go
    Chase the sun as it falls out west like I know
    What I need, walls falling like snow
    Sometimes get the spotlight but I’m not the hero

    [Verse 3 Jobo]
    I’m a twist I like to turn the tables
    Like a river, just follow every word that may flow
    I’m a singer some I prefer to say slow
    Middle name Angel, didn’t earn the churches halo
    Same ole, lame joke, plain joe, flame flow
    Same ole brain broke, stay stoned, dank smoke
    Pray for same folk, pay more change clothes
    Rainbows out the windows, gay folks is my kinfolk
    Pain goes out as strength grows, don’t raise yo child sinful
    Raise yo kid however you want, won’t stop them from trying the Mari-ju-an,
    As soon as parents is gone
    Harry and Ron are very much gone
    They’re staring at wall, not really caring at all
    Ain’t scared of the law,
    Karen had called there in the mall of
    America all Like there is the song,
    that made our kids into stoners
    And embarrass us all,
    Mad cause she married a bald
    Man who don’t eat her hairy twat
    Apparently not all marriages work
    Like fairy tail plots, he buried his balls
    Thirteen point three Centimeters In his secretary’s friends jaw

    [Verse 4]
    I tried running with my laces tied up
    Figured out it’s a game of bad luck
    Laugh it off cause we don’t give a fuck
    Life’s a game we’re not winning yet, just tryna have fun

    We’re not here for long
    Here for beers and bongs
    You’re here to cheer us on
    Ever hear a weirder song
    It’s getting kinda long
    Speaking of this song

    “Bout over?”


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