Is the UK about to Legalise Cannabis? High on Home Grown, Episode 10

Is the UK about to legalise cannabis? In this episode of High on Home Grown, we have a great interview with Gary Youd. Gary Youd has been all over the news …


  1. Really want to be positive about the liverpool coffee shop but i still remember Quantum and beggars belief from 20yrs ago, there has been many others too, government has screwed us over to many times so i am dubious… but on a positive note there are already several underground cannabis clubs dotted around the uk so it is just a matter of time.
    BBC doc following the opening of beggars belief coffeeshop in 2003 i think, terrible quality but all i have.
    and heres some vids of Doctor Denz touring some uk canna clubs
    Elite Cannabis Club
    The green room

    Also think UK Cannabis Social Clubs UKCSC is worth a mention too, think they have over 100 CSC.

    Hope people find this interesting. peace

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